Fantastic Four, Superman, Smallville: May 27th Comic Reel Wrap


IGN's FilmForce alleges that Brendan Fraser is the lead contender to slide into the unstable molecular costume of Dr. Reed Richards. As well, Star Search Casting has posted character details on a certain Latverian doctor and Mrs. Fantastic. "VICTOR, European male, age 30, charming, devious, a ruthless billionaire who like to play little games with other peoples lives, LEAD ROLE. SUE, female, age 20s, smart, dedicated, vulnerable, gorgeous and hot, LEAD ROLE."


Dark Horizon's scooper has corrected himself by saying, "I was mistaken, Johnny Depp is not up for Lex Luthor, but rather for Jor-El. He was up for Luthor but requested to try out for The Man of Steel's father instead, and as I said earlier, schedules are being sorted. New script draft is more action focused while the main storyline features promptly on Clark/Superman/Lois romance. A good portion of the screenplay is action, think of 'Tomb Raider.' No story, all action. The origins are displayed, but downplayed, and this is indeed set as a more trendier and more fashionable update rather than a classic return to the comics roots one (ala 'Batman Begins'). Expect official announcements this Summer. Brendan Fraser is still involved, but not as Supes, rather Ty-Zor."


Speaking of the last son of Krypton, Tom Welling appeared on E! News Live with good news for Pete Ross fans, according to Comics Continuum. "He's moved out of town," Welling said, "He'll be making an appearance, but he won't be around as often."


There's a fresh look at the full screen trailer up at the official site.


Speaking of Comics Continuum, the Web site interviewed producer Denise Di Novi about the feline flick. When the questions turned to murmurs about the costume, Di Novi said, "Completely mystified me. I have to say the funny thing about Catwoman is there have been 12 versions of Catwoman throughout history. It's not like Batman or Superman or X-Men that were conceived and they stayed consistent and have had a straight through-line and were essentially the same thing, with just updating. The thing with Catwoman is there are 12 different versions where she had 12 different costumes which were really different. It wasn't like how Batman got updated or Superman got updated. They were dramatically different costumes. She wore a dress at one point. She's had capes. They were very, very different. Also, her back story and her characterizations are very different. In one, she's a prostitute. One, she was a street runaway. So when people say that you're not being true to the costume or the character, I kind of want to say, 'Well, which one do you think I should be true to?'What we tried to do was see what is consistent in all the Catwoman characters and how can we distill that into an essential Catwoman. And the thing with the costume is we did not want to do a catsuit per se, which means the entire body covered in a catsuit in fabric, for two reasons: 1) It would look somewhat similar to Halle's character in X-Men and I think we would have been criticized for that; and 2) Halle felt strongly, and I think she was right and has a very good point, if she was going to improve on the performance of being a Catwoman, she wanted to have the most flexibility and mobility she could and look the most cat-like, which meant she wanted us to see her muscles moving, her spine, the way you see a very sleek cat. That's where we got the idea for the costume. Also, we have Halle Berry, and it would be a shame to cover every inch of her figure."


Jake Gyllenhaal talked to the Calgary Sun about his brushes with spandex. "They definitely talked to me about Spider-Man," the actor said. "I would have done it if they had needed me, but Tobey was able to do it after all." He also lost out on the role of Bruce Wayne, which he regrets. "It's a character I would have loved to do and it would have meant working with Christopher Nolan who is such a genius." It seems rumors about him as Clark Kent were not as realistic, as he said, "that's the stuff dreams are made of, but nobody has talked to me about that. I'm available if they want me." Finally, of the Kevin Smith-helmed adaptation, he admitted that the Jersey-bred auteur spoke to him about the project, but said, "I don't think that movie is going to happened any time soon any more, but there was talk and I am interested."


It seems that filming has already come to the Windy City -- Superhero Hype reports from two Chi-town sources that "WB is doing some shooting for 'Batman Begins' in Chicago today and tomorrow on LaSalle." and "The post on the the Chicago filming is correct. I work on laSalle Street, and we all got a letter from wb asking up to keep our lights on for the next two nights while the visual effect department shoots the street over the next 2 nights. LaSalle street was prominently featured in the 'Untouchables' movie with Costner."


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