Fantastic Four, Superman, Punisher, more: April 14th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Latino Review, "Fast and Furious" alumni Paul Walker is being considered for the role of the Human Torch, Johnny Storm. Also, according to Superhero Hype, French television channel TQS was reporting that Tim Story will be taking the "Fantastic Four" production to Montreal this summer.


Superman-V.com reports that director McG gave the bigwigs at Warner Brothers a presentation to show he was, in fact, the guy for the director's chair of the sagging movie franchise. "The presentation -- thought to include conceptual art, storyboards and set designs -- got a positive reaction from the WB suits. We expect McG reinforced his choice of Henry Cavill for the lead. On a side note, there's some buzz about Tom Welling getting the lead. Not true. His agent had apparently been pursuing the role. However, Welling doesn't want the part, and WB and McG want to cast their own Superman, not use someone else's. 'Smallville' is its own continuity, it won't be related to any future Superman film."


Speaking of Tom Welling, the actor sat down for a brief video interview on the WB's site, where he reveals some spoilers for tonight's episode "Legacy," and generally tries to push the show's ratings against some show with people singing on some competing network. If that's not enough, Devoted to Smallville has a clip of Tom Welling on Extra (Windows Media only) chatting up the return to regular episodes.


20th Century Fox has updated the second "AvP" featurette "The Making of the Creatures" to include even more footage from the film.


Yahoo! Movies has posted more clips from the Thomas Jane-fueled action film. Speaking of Thomas Jane, the "Punisher" star appeared on "The Late Late Show with Conan O'Brien" and told a really sweet story about renting out a silent movie theatre to propose to his fiancee Patricia Arquette. Finally, Sci Fi Wire has a number of telling quotes from Jane regarding his dedication to the film. "I think at the end I put on about 25 pounds of muscle, that's the real true figure. The key to the character for me was through the physicality of the part. I took that very, very seriously. I went to the gym twice a day, sort of a controversial method among bodybuilders as to whether or not that works, but it worked for me, and I hit one body part twice a day and then the special diet." He was happy to get back to a more normal diet: ""Krispy Kreme donuts and Guinness beer came out the day we stopped," he said. "When the check stops coming, I stop going to the gym. My fiancee said, 'I'll write you the check. Here, go get back out there. Take the cheeseburger out of your mouth and go to the gym.'" Finally, Jane said he never resorted to pumping up right before a shirtless scene. "That's the old-fashioned way, that's the Lorenzo Lamas school."


Director Guillermo del Toro, as he's said for months, has big plans for the DVD release of the Ron Perlman-fueled monster movie. He told Video Store Magazine, "'The first edition is going to be a double disc hopefully, and the second edition is going to be a long cut of the movie, 20 minutes added, and you add a third disc to it,' del Toro said. 'I think you have the chance of the more casual fan just buying the first one, and the guy who really is hardcore going for the second one.' The extra scenes will develop subplots with one of the villains, Rasputin (Karel Roden), and a love triangle with Hellboy (Ron Perlman), Liz Sherman (Selma Blair) and Agent Myers (Rupert Evans). In the film, there is only one scene where Sherman and Myers seem to be developing a romantic relationship that makes Hellboy jealous. 'There is a little subplot that was taken from the movie that involved Rasputin's eyes,' del Toro said. 'hat adds a layer of strangeness and beauty to him. There are more scenes between Selma and Rupert, and there's a little bit more of being able to follow those subplots. I feel that they couldn't be in the movie because the theatrical cut has to be a cut that moves to a pace that any casual fan or nonfan can enjoy, and the DVD is hardcore.'"


Superhero Hype has a new high resolution image of Halle Berry in costume.


Comics Continuum has all the latest data, including screen captures, on the last four episodes of the season for the anime-influenced animated series.


Finally, faithful reader Ricardo D. Martins tells us, "Omelete reports that a sequel to the short film based on the Brazilian comics character Gralha 'O Ovo ou a Galinha - Uma Aventura do Gralha' entitled 'O Gralha e Oil Man - Um Encontro Explosivo' is on the works. The sequel, just like the first instalment, will be directed by Tako X."


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