Fantastic Four, Superman, Lucky Luke, Batman Begins: November 29th Comic Reel Wrap


Hollywood North Report chimes in with a fresh set report, complete with photos of "a fire truck hanging upside down on a large crane." Fancy!

Another photo of the truck was printed in the Canadian newspaper The Province, and Superhero Hype has a scan of it for your perusal. They also take some time out for rumormongering, with scooper claims that a teaser trailer will play either ahead of December's "Fat Albert" or January's "Elektra."

Finally, Superhero Hype also notes "that the 'Fantastic Four' movie will be shooting some scenes on the top of Whistler Mountain. Construction has begun on some towers for a snowboard shot of someone going off a cliff."


According to Superman-V.com, actress Evangeline Lilly has dropped out of the running to play Lois Lane due to commitments on the hit ABC series "Lost," and the final candidates for the role include Kate Bosworth, "24" damsel in distress Elisha Cuthbert and "Stage Beauty's" Claire Danes.

The site also reports that Jack Larson, who played Jimmy Olsen in the George Reeves-fueled TV series, told the New York Social Diary that director Bryan Singer approached him about playing Perry White.


Jamie Kennedy told Sci Fi Wire that the upcoming Carrey-free sequel required more special effects than he's used to. "It was way more than anything I've been involved in," Kennedy said. "There are so many different effects you have no idea what you're doing or what you're running from. You have to hit so many different marks and make sure that you react to the [nonexistent] thing that you have to trust that it will work. Sometimes they had the real baby, and they would just tweak his face a little bit with CGI, and then there are other times when they just created a totally fake baby. Literally on my first day, I was doing a scene with the real baby, and then in the middle of the scene, they would take the baby out of the scene, and they would say, 'We can't finish this scene today.'"


Actor Christian Bale was interviewed at the Visual Imagination, where he discusses character and mythos. "Reading the comics, I've always felt that Batman was a very interesting character -- at least as interesting as the villains -- and I think this film gets back to that. This is an origin story, not a sequel, and the theme of the story is one of realism. We know that Batman doesn't have superhuman powers, but you'll see it in this film, and we find out how the Bat Cave works, where Batman gets his weapons and how the Batmobile really works. The biggest thing is that Batman's the most interesting character in the film."

Also, writer David Goyer sat down for an extensive interview (in two separate parts, where he discusses this film and his work on "Blade: Trinity," as well as "Y: The Last Man," and "Nick Fury."


Speaking of the Wesley Snipes-fueled vampire sequel, Vancouver-area fans can catch an early screening, or so says Hollywood North Report. According to the link, the movie will be shown at 7PM local time on December 6th.

Also, Comics Continuum has some quotes from producer Lynn Harris, who said, "We're tried to make each film very different. One of the strengths of the first 'Blade' was that it was set in the real world, but 'Trinity' goes much further than the original in terms of style and in terms of being set in reality. Blade is now a known character to the police, the FBI and the news media. In the first movie he was still underground. Also, 'Blade II' was much more creature effects, and in 'Blade: Trinity,' while there certainly are some creature effects, we're more centered in the world of action and martial arts. We also have some fascinating new weapons."


Devoted to Smallville has two neat notes today, including a look at a behind-the-scenes snipped done by TV Guide Channel (screen captures and Windows Media) and a scan of an article with "Smallville's" own Supergirl, Adrianna Palicki, who said of her character Kara, "She's not evil by any means whatsoever, but she does come to Clark for a specific reason. She doesn't really have a sense of right or wrong; the morality isn't there."

Meanwhile, gregarious producer Al Gough spoke to Dreamwatch magazine about the show, and the BBC has some highlights. "What we've tried to do this year is get back to some of the basics," said Gough. "It's a young teen with superpowers learning how to grow up and accept his destiny. In season three Clark was running away from his destiny and in season four he's ultimately moving towards it, accepting it and growing up. It all comes down to his graduation at the end of the year, making that next leap into adulthood. We're trying to have fun with a little more of the DC universe. Perry White's going to make a return, we're going to introduce Krypto, which I think we found a fun way to do and Mr. Mxyzptlk will show up. In season five, they've obviously graduated high school and now as young adults they have to decide where they are going to college and all of those sorts of issues that come up. We'll see more of Metropolis in season five, as well as other superheroes from the DC universe."


The official site for the adaptation of the French comic has been updated with four new teaser trailers and much more.


It was a long, makeout-filled weekend, and that's just the way the Comic Reel likes it, but we're glad to be back with all of you. Anyway, if you have the scoop on anything related to comic book movies, TV adaptations or just want to give us a truck full of cash, no questions asked, drop us a line and let's coordinate. You can choose an alias if you'd like, or be mentioned by name -- we honor requests for anonymity. Broadcasting live from Los Angeles, this is your humble scribe Hannibal Tabu saying thanks for your time and indulgence, and "don't blame me, I'm drunk too!"

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