Fantastic Four, Superman, Iron Man : October 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


The Tim Story-directed film is tearing up the news these days. First Cinescape has a video clip from Entertainment Tonight showing the cast in action. Comics Continuum has some screen captures and quotes from it as well.

Meanwhile, Hollywood North Report has a report and new photos from the Vancouver set.


The rumor sites know it. Trade magazine Variety knows it. Now you can know it as an certifiable fact: Warner Brother issued a press release (thoughtfully posted by Superhero Hype) confirming that Brandon Routh will be Superman. In the release, Bryan Singer couldn't resist a shot at the rumormongers, saying, "Contrary to speculation, it was always my absolute intention to hire an unknown for this role. Brandon is an extremely fine actor who possesses the physical qualifications of Clark Kent/Superman. But he also embodies the legacy and history of this character in a way that makes me certain he's the right choice."


According to IGN FilmForce, "screenwriter David Hayter's latest draft of Iron Man has won over New Line Cinema and the studio is immediately going out with it to directors who can get the film up and running by early 2005. Sources advised IGNFF that this draft of Iron Man is very Tom Clancy-esque in tone and involves the conflict between Tony Stark and his father Howard over Stark Industries. The Armored Avenger's origin has been updated from the Vietnam back story used in the comics. 'Iron Man' is produced by Avi Arad and Kevin Feige of Marvel Studios, who are currently on the set of 'Fantastic Four' in Vancouver, and Don Murphy of Angryfilms, who is also busy with DreamWorks/Paramount's live-action feature version of 'The Transformers,' which is slated for a summer 2006 release."


Speaking of the Avengers, comics scribe Brian Michael Bendis spoke to USA Today and explained why there will be no big screen adaptation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "We own all the comic-book characters, but different studios own their film rights. An Avengers movie would cost $700 million," said Bendis.


Creator Joss Whedon promises to address "what IS going on with the X-Men" in a live conference call Sunday, October 24th ... as long as people will also discuss politics and the election, since, "the truth about the X-Men is...much less important than this election." Fans will also be able to grill Whedon live in the Los Angeles area, via the event.


According to Superhero Hype the trailer for the Jennifer Garner-fueled action flick will hit theatres Friday, November 5th ahead of the Pixar film "The Incredibles." Allegedly a trailer for some tiny independent film called "Revenge of the Sith" will also be seen then as well.


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