Fantastic Four, Superman, Hulk 2, Watchmen: February 28th Comic Reel Wrap


According to MSNBC, the San Francisco effects house Giant Killer Robots is working on effects for the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation. "Giant Killer Robots' next project, under wraps until today, is the 'Fantastic Four,' the 20th Century Fox movie based on the Marvel comic strip characters, due out in July. The company's entire staff has been working on the 'Fantastic Four' behind tightly closed doors, lest a hint of the onscreen magic should slip out."


Rest your fears -- according to an article in USA Today actress Kate Bosworth is getting ready to get dark. "Breaking from tradition in a glam gold gown, Kate Bosworth said she's enjoying her last days as a blonde. In two weeks, she'll either be spending months in a wig or will be required to cut and dye her hair into a short brunette 'do for her role as Lois Lane in 'Superman Returns.'"

Meanwhile, the Superman Homepage has both a video interview (QuickTime only) and a audio version of their chat with director Bryan Singer, as well as some live shots, all while rumors keep flying about switching lead actors.


IESB.net talked to Eric Bana, who was not too optimistic about getting green again. "I can't see a sequel happening anytime soon," said Bana. When told that Avi Arad had recently mentioned that he had hopes for a new film he said, "he is always optimistic but I don't see it moving forward for a while, I am obligated for at least one more but I really don't see that happening anytime soon."


According to FilmForce, actress Joan Allen may join the Alan Moore adaptation's cast. "We heard a rumor that Oscar-nominated actress Joan Allen -- who appeared in 'The Bourne Supremacy' as shady government operative Pamela Landy -- might portray Sally Jupiter (a.k.a. The Silk Spectre I) in 'Watchmen.'"


Christina Ricci is looking for a ticket to Gotham City, according to Superhero Hype. "I heard they want to bring Catwoman into the next one." Ricci told an interviewer. "I so loved Michelle Pfeiffer's performance in the original one, and I think if they want someone to play the lead role -- it's her. However, if they're looking for a younger Catwoman, someone more around Christian's (Bale) age -- I'm available!"


Silver Bullet Comics interviewed creator Darwyn Cooke who talked about writing an upcoming episode of the hit Cartoon Network series. "I wrote a 'Justice League Unlimited' cartoon for Bruce [Timm] featuring the Suicide Squad," he said.


Kryptonsite has two news bits, noting that actress Beatrice Rosen ("Chasing Liberty") will guest star on the prom-themed episode "Spirit," and that actor Jensen Ackles is in talks to leave the show to play The Flash in the David Goyer-directed movie.


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