Fantastic Four, Superboy, Ghost Rider: June 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Cinema Confidential reports that "'Mean Girls' star Rachel McAdams revealed that she is reading the script for 'Fantastic Four,' presumably for the role of Sue Storm. It has been rumored in recent weeks that Julia Stiles and Kate Bosworth were leading contenders for the role as well."

Meanwhile, Ain't It Cool News has a reader report from the International Make Up Artist Trade Show in Pasadena, CA that said, "the team that worked on the Hellboy special effects just signed the contract and can now say that they were selected to do The Thing in the new 'Fantastic Four' movie!"


No, that's not a typo -- we received an email from Simon Parducci, who noted that actor Gerard Christopher is releasing DVDs of all three seasons he starred as the Teen of Steel. Parducci said, "The show was actually pretty darn good and was banned from the air by Warner who claimed ownership of the show."


Comics Continuum has quotes from movie mogul Avi Arad, who said of a third movie with Peter Parker, "Not prepping, but sort of," Arad said. "The train is leaving." Pre-production is scheduled for next month.

In other news, despite announced plans for seven Spider-films, some of the people involved thus far seem reluctant to go that far, according to Sci Fi Wire. "I can't imagine that I'd have the strength to direct another one after the third one," director Sam Raimi said. "I don't see me signing on for a fourth or a fifth [one]," said Kirsten Dunst. "I doubt [star] Tobey [Maguire] would come back for a fourth, either. ... I just think three's a good number." Arad responded to these quotes by saying, "I hope that Sam will have the energy to continue, and if he doesn't, then we'll have to think about it. I sleep better at night knowing that we have Sam for the next one."


The aforementioned link at Comics Continuum had more quotes from Arad on the story of Johnny Blaze: "We are right here at Sony in early pre-production on the movie." He also noted he was pleased with the screenplay from writer/director Mark Steven Johnson.


The word out of DreamCon, posted at the Comic Book Conventions' message board, sounds familiar, but with greater detail: "The movie is a go, and director Guillermo del Toro is working on the script but expects to film a smaller movie before beginning work on Hellboy 2. Ron Perlman said he expects filming to begin in about 14 months."


James Marsden talked up the next mutant movie with About.com, saying, "I think everyone will be back with the exception of one person." He dodged direct questions about whether it was a certain Oscar-winning actress, theorized the rise of Dark Phoenix, revealed that the proposed release date is May 2, 2006 and that director Bryan Singer is juggling his schedule between "X3" and a remake of "Logan's Run."


Hollywood North Report has fresh photos from the set of the Wesley Snipes-fueled sequel, and some gossip about a possible name change: "In the original shoot last year all signage said Blade: Trinity but now interestingly enough the filming notice boards and other paperwork on set are referring to the film as Blade 3 (see photo)."


Kryptonsite has a spoilerish follow-up on the rumor they posted, confirming that a new character will be joining the show and making an existing character's life much more interesting.


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