Fantastic Four, Super Ex, Batman Begins, Ghost Rider: March 11th Comic Reel Wrap


Dark Horizons has four new still photos from the film featuring each of the FF members. They originally ran in USA Today, which we reported on Wednesday.


According to Variety, Regency Enterprises is in talks with Ivan Reitman to direct the comedy "Super Ex" from Emmy-winning "Simpsons" writer/co-executive producer Don Payne. The story centers on a man who discovers that the needy, manipulative woman he's dating is a superhero. When he breaks up with her, she uses her superpowers against him.


The Daily Record News reports that Gary Rizzo ("The Incredibles") is now in England for "Batman Begins."


More set reports from Australia, thanks to our friends at Superhero Hype? Well ... okay. Their spy writes: " was at the Little Lonsdale Street set last night to bare witness to the crew exploding it at around 11.30pm. The fans and crowd were kept well away from the shoot, purely for safety reasons because it looked like there was a LOT of explosive materials at the site. From about 8.30 until around 10.30 we watched the stunt man ride the stunt cycle full boar up and down Lt Lonsdale Street, to be met by the screeching of the tires at the barricades on Elizabeth Street. This was REALLY good. After the wait to see what they were going to do next however was well worth it. At around 11.30 there was quiet on the set as we then heard 3 loud pops and a sudden explosion which can only be described as massive. I can't wait to see this on the big screen, as it'll literally blow the audience away, it was just that big. I went back to the set around lunchtime today to see three cars embedded in the shopfronts, and said shopfronts burnt beyond belief, with debris strewn everywhere. Security guards and barricades again blocked anyone from getting anywhere near the destroyed set, but it looks that good that I overheard people wondering, 'just how the accident occurred, what happened, and if anyone was hurt.' Knowing that it was all for the Ghost Rider movie, however, I walked away with glee."


Well, now you can plan your month in advance: Comics Continuum has the entire schedule for every DC-based cartoon shown on Cartoon Network in the month of April, so go set your Tivos and VCRs already!


Robert Kirkman talked to Newsarama about his movie adaptation deal. "There will certainly be tweaks here and there. Nothing I'd really want to go into too much detail about. There will be much less superheroes in this movie than in the comic. The focus will be more firmly on Mark/Invincible and his father Nolan/Omni-Man. There won't be any of the side characters featured in the comics. It's going to be a large section of the series, with stuff cut out and what's left will be streamlined and expanded upon. I'm really excited to be doing this. I get to really explore some things I glossed over in the series and cut out stuff I didn't like or thought could play out better. Anyone who's read the series isn't going to be sitting there saying, "I know what's going to happen next" if this thing gets made. There's some more twists and turns added in."


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