Marvel Announces Return of Fantastic Four Spinoff, Future Foundation

When the Fantastic Four returned to the Marvel Universe, they left the Future Foundation behind so the young geniuses could continue their multiversal search for the Molecule Man.

Marvel announced those adventures will be told in a relaunch of Future Foundation by writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Will Robson.

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The publisher first teased the Future Foundation's return in April, with July's Fantastic Four #12 including a backup story by Whitley and Robson. The synopsis for Future Foundation #1 says the team will be off searching for the missing pieces of their friend, Molecule Man, who perished in Fantastic Four #2 by the Griever. However, given his extraordinary power, the Foundation believes if they manage to find even one molecule that once constituted Owen Reece, they could find a way to save him -- and bring him back.

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Created in 2010 by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting, the Future Foundation is a gathering of Earth's greatest young minds that Reed Richards established to help find solutions to the world's biggest problems.

It remains to be seen if Future Foundation will continue if the team is successful in bringing Molecule Man back to life, or if it runs as a limited series. But with its close ties to the Fantastic Four, don't be surprised if the kids make their way back to the Marvel Prime Universe to work side by side with Marvel's First Family.

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Future Foundation #1 by Jeremy Whitley and Will Robson goes on sale in August from Marvel Comics.

(via Marvel.com)

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