Fantastic Four Might Not Exist In Spider-Man PS4 Game's Universe


It seems that Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spider-Man PS4-exclusive video game might be taking lead from the Marvel Cinematic Universe by axing out any Fox-related properties. That's because it's now been revealed the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building won't be in the game.

This was divulged on Twitter by Bryan Intihar, a creative director on the game, when asked if the building would be included. Thus, it stands to reason the Fantastic Four won't be in it as they won't have their signature base.

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Fans would be disappointed seeing as gameplay footage from E3 showed Spider-Man swinging on the rooftops of New York City, revealing Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum exists. Recently, it was also confirmed that Avengers tower is also present in the game, but we’re still waiting to find out if all these connections to the pantheon of Marvel superheroes are really just easter eggs.

The possibility of a Marvel Game Universe being set up might just be a tease given that Square Enix holds the rights for developing the Avengers games. With a lot of details still being kept under wraps though, it remains to be seen which other heroes and villains pop up, and if Insomniac does have expansion plans or a larger universe in mind.

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From the revelations so far though, if the Fantastic Four is left out of Spider-Man PS4, expect another Fox property, the X-Men, to be omitted as well, unless the Fox-Disney merger changes things.

The highly-anticipated Spider-Man PS4 game hits stores Sept. 7.

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