Fantastic Four, Smallville, Transformers: September 23rd Comic Reel Wrap


Up for three new set photos from Vancouver? Of course you are! Who better than Hollywood North Report is on the job, talking about the production's custom built Brooklyn Bridge: "The set is built on former Port of Vancouver lands in North Vancouver and is a replica of a few sections of the Brooklyn Bridge surrounded on 2 sides by huge Blue Screens. The set is massive easily being a few hundred feet in length. Filming has not started yet in North Vancouver but we expect it to commence over the next week."


The warring websites are back at it again. When Kryptonsite showed up with screen captures for "Gone" and other upcoming episodes, of course Devoted to Smallville showed up with the video clip itself (Windows Media only). When Kryptonsite cracks open the spoilers about guest star casting of a DCU character, DTS came back with a new photo from the show, scanned from the latest issue of the Smallville comic. When will the madness stop?


According to Sneak Peek, the Steven Spielberg executive produced film live action adaptation will hit screens summer 2006.


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