Fantastic Four, Smallville, Punisher: March 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Cinescape is reporting a rumor that singer Christina Milian is one of the candidates being discussed for the role of Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman.


Lex Luthor himself, actor Michael Rosenbaum, sat down for an interview with Scripps Howard News Service, where he talked about discovering fans in strange places. "I was at a party and one of my heroes, Quentin Tarantino, yells across the room, 'Hey, it's Lex Luthor! I love your show!' It's awesome," the actor said. Also, Variety reports that the show has been officially greenlighted for season four.


Comingsoon.net has an interview with John Travolta, discussing the role of money launderer and general ne'er-do-well Howard Saint in the blood-soaked action film. "The lateral movement you have on this is tremendous," Travolta said of his villainous role. "It frees you up completely. Not at first, because it has to kind of controlled. But by the time he starts getting paranoid, then the fun begins. Because, since Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, honestly, nobody has been able to walk down staircases like I get to in this movie. Let's face it. In the first one, I come down to kill my best friend; it's down a staircase talking about some historic character and the second one is throwing all her luggage ... boom! And then that big staircase and I'm saying all these mean things. It's a blast." Also, star Thomas Jane talked to Rope of Silicon about the movie, saying, "I just had a lot of fun with it, I've been looking to do this kind of thing for a long time, it took me a long time to commit to The Punisher with Marvel because I just wanted to make sure we were making a movie that was true to the comic book and was true to the dark, gritty, urban sensibility but was still funny. The comic has this wonderful, irreverent sense of humor and that was important to me. Just as an actor, it is a hard genre to break into, a hard type of movie, the action film, to get involved with. I've been waiting to do this kind of thing, to take a shot at bringing something a little different, because I'm not a weightlifter or a wrestler, there's a certain thing that they have that I don't have. What I have is that I want to bring a sense of heart to the movie, make something that lives on the edge, it's a little bit risky, this movie, it's ultra-violent, it's got a lot of heart, it involves you in a way that people are walking out of it saying, "This movie is really violent, WOW!" And you know what, the movie really is not that violent, there's really not that much blood, compared to other stuff that we watch, but we do get creative with the way that we kill some folks, but really what I think people are responding to is the emotional sentiment of the film, how vengeful it is and just how explosive the emotion of the film is, it is affecting people in a way that they're looking at the violence and it's connecting on a human level and therefore it's not just watching bodies getting blown away. Frank doesn't take out people just to take them out, there's always a very specific reason he does that stuff. If he was a real animal, he would have screwed Rebecca Stamos in the apartment and just left a wake of misery and death behind him, but he does what he does out of conscience reasons and he's very tethered to his own sense of morality, it's his own sense of what's right and wrong. So in that way I'm very proud of the movie."


Animation savant Greg Weisman reveals at his site that voice actor Clancy Brown (who played Lex Luthor in "Superman: The Animated Series") will portray Mister Freeze in the new animated series set in Gotham. "let's be honest, I just couldn't resist giving Clancy Brown the opportunity for a David Warner-esque tour de force performance. I'm sure I'll get into this topic more when (some day) I get around to rambling on Vendettas, but I think Clancy's double duty in Vendettas is perhaps even more impressive than what Warner did -- (a) because Clancy did what he did with a then amateur voice director (i.e. me) and (b) because the two characters he was playing (Wolf & Hakon) allowed for much less subtlety than Warner's two Archmages. (This of course, is not designed to take any credit away from the brilliant David Warner, simply to give Clancy his just desserts as well. And speaking of Clancy, he does a great Mr. Freeze in the new 'The Batman' series.)"


Actress Victoria Pratt talked to Sci Fi Wire, saying that the upcoming season-three finale alters the universe of the show. "Something so drastic has happened that no one's character is going to be the same," Pratt said. Everyone's life is affected after the finale. If it goes to season four, it's going to be a shocking new world." As always, Comics Continuum has a spoiler-packed synopsis with photos of this week's syndicated episode, "She's Come Undone," written by Michelle Lovretta and directed by Tim Bond.


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