Fantastic Four, Smallville, Ghost Rider, The Batman: April 13th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Chris Evans talked to IESB about what scenes were re-shot during the recent filming in Vancouver and his experience working with director Tim Story.


Kryptonsite is theorizing that a certain North Pole locale will be a part of the season finale filming, based on a message board post by someone calling themself lightdude. They also caught the rumor over at TV Guide, where their columnist Ausiello said, "on 'Smallville,' someone major is going to die in the season finale."

Speaking of TV Guide, they interviewed Lex Luthor himself, Michael Rosenbaum, who talked about his overload on the episode "Onyx," and also making friends with George Lucas.


IESB also caught actor Matt Long before he heads off to Australia, and Long talked about playing the young Johnny Blaze.


TV Tome is noting that Batgirl and Poison Ivy will be introduced in the 27th and 28th episodes, respectively. Episodes 14-26 are currently airing in Canada, while US residents have to make due with the first thirteen for the foreseeable future.


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