Fantastic Four, Sin City, Superman, Batman Begins: Comic Reel Wrap for August 3


According to Variety (subscription required), "Nip/Tuck" star Julian McMahon will be brushing up on his Latverian and taking on the role of Dr. Doom for the Simon Kinberg-scripted Marvel adaptation.


Sci Fi Wire talked to actress Brittany Murphy, who just finished up her stint in Austin, Texas working on the Frank Miller adaptation. She talks about working as Shellie, the only character that appears in all three of the film's vignettes. "There's always got to be a local watering hole, and she's the waitress at the local watering hole," Murphy said. "It's written in a wonderful Howard Hawks sort of noir-esque manner, so that many decades sort of mix together. It's shot in black and white, with some splashes of color. There's a lot of green-screen work that we did. I was in a scene with Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, and I've never met Bruce Willis in my life. I did it on a green scene! (sic) But I worked with Benicio Del Toro, who's playing Jackie Boy, and Clive Owen's playing Dwight. I worked with both of them."

Murphy was all kudos for the director, Robert Rodriguez. "Robert's a dream to work with, an absolute dreamboat," Murphy said. "He has the greatest environment. His wife, Elizabeth [Avellan], actually was inspired by Holly Hunter's character in Broadcast News and decided to produce. So Elizabeth produces his films. Everyone brings their children to work. He has a compound in Austin, where his whole family lives, and he built a Harry Potter -like house so that his children won't have to leave or don't want to leave! With these Slip-and-Slides and hidden doors, it's extraordinary. And the people that he's been working with for years, that started out as a P.A. [production assistant], are now his editors. He's really an extraordinary man."


According to Dark Horizons, "Third Watch" man Eddie Cibrian, "Passions" actor Christopher Douglas and "Gilmore Girls" lead Lauren Graham are rumored to be in talks with Bryan Singer for roles.


Moviehole has an interview with director Guillermo del Toro, where he characteristically spills the beans on all manner of things. On the "director's cut" of the first film, del Toro said, "I cut out things that I thought were slowing the pace of the movie, but I've put them back into what I call the 'Directors Cut,' which will be released in France and possibly Japan, theatrically. It's a more sedate thing, but it adds a more interesting direction for the characters. A little more weight for the bad guys too. Which I think is very good for the movie."

As far as the sequel, the director said, "I start writing it in the fall and then it'll depend on how fast we get a script we're all happy about and how fast we can work out a budget and a date. It's in the future, but I wouldn't put a date on it. In the next Hellboy adventure he'll (Hyde-Pierce's Abe Sapien) have a more prominent role. She'll be back (Blair). Jeffrey Tambor will be back. We will have a good class of weirdos around."


Actor Rutger Hauer has posted new photos from the Christopher Nolan-helmed Bat-flick on his web site, showing Hauer as Richard Earle and actor Linus Roach as Dr. Thomas Wayne. The photos are down a bit, and the "poster" there is not real.

In other news, Superhero Hype continue their thorough coverage of Chicago filming. one of their readers wrote in, "There are signs in our neighborhood that filming for 'Intimidation Game' will take place on August 3rd in the Uptown Chicago neighborhood. The streets involved include Leland from Racine to Broadway. Broadway from Lawrence to Wilson, and a few other surrounding streets. Information signs hang in the windows of the new Borders (check it out by the way, it's a nice one) and other area businesses." Another chimed in with, "There are three 'Tumblers' on the 'Intimidation Game' film here in Chicago. I drove on Lower Wacker Drive on Friday at 7PM and I saw three of them parked one in front of another. They did a bad job of trying to covering them up with tarps and what not... Count them... 3 Tumblers!" Another update says that two more Tumblers did manage to stay hidden, bringing the total count to five.

Also, one of their scoopers checked in with a report on filming from Sunday. "Walking down Franklin st. in downtown Chicago last night Sunday, I was able to get some awesome glimpses of filming for the new Batman movie right around the Sears tower near Franklin and Munroe in the wee hours of the morn. I had bumped into the filming accidentally originally after catching some glances of actors trailers parked along Frankling st. After being shuffled around by men in white shirts and power trips, I'd found a prime spot even better then the one I'd been previously moved from. I found myself standing on a corner with a Gotham City squad parked as if blocking the street. All of a sudden I heard "Action" over a walkie talkie and about a block south from where I was standing all of these cars, modern looking cars, come speeding from around a corner, intermixing with Gotham police coming from the other direction. Following all of these cars... none other than the Batmobile itself, coming roaring around the corner loud as heck. It had four bright lights on it that actually looked pretty menacing coming at me down the street. Cars being followed by the B-mobile had to pull to the side of the street. Then the black beauty pulled up right in front of me coming to a screeching halt just a few feet from the Gotham squad parked blocking the street. The Bat mobile sat there for a minute or two after the first run, and after seeing it, i have lost all doubts about this movie. It was actually rather small it seemed, flat black all over with really dark tinted windows, gull wing doors and the tires are HUGE. It was maybe nine feet long, and about five, six feet tall at best. Still really spectacular looking, like a stealth HUMVEE, and did I mention loud. They did this same run about three more times before a lighting crew pushed us back a little, but I still had a good view. I was amazed at how it was actually pretty quiet around the shoot, not a lot of gawkers, just me and a film crew. One of the lighting guys said that he's seen the principle actors walking around, but they're doing primarily driving shots throughout the city and will be here through sometime around the 22nd. Also that on the Lower Wacker drive shots, there was actually the flipping of cars going on."

Finally, not to be topped, Ain't It Cool News has actual footage of the new Batmobile rolling around the streets of the Windy City.


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