Marvel's May Solicitations Hint At The Fantastic Four's Imminent Return

The Fantastic Four have been MIA since the conclusion of Secret Wars in early 2016. Outside of a small hint at the end of Marvel Legacy #1, we've not seen anything of Reed, Sue, Franklin, Valeria or the rest of the Future Foundation.

However, the conclusion to Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung's "The Fate of the Four" storyline in Marvel Two-In-One suggests that Marvel's first family may be on their way home this summer.

The solicitation hints at "familiar friends," and seeing as the entire series is about the hunt for Ben and Johnny's missing family, everyone's mind is going to go to the same place. While it's possible that "familiar friends" is some sort of fake out, the solicitation also says "The fate of the four will be determined here" and even if the Fantastic Four don't return in the pages of Marvel Two-In-One #6, it still seems to hint towards their return coming sooner than later.

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That's not the only solicitation that points towards their return either, because if you glance down towards the bottom of the list where the collections are listed, there's a suspiciously high number of Fantastic Four related series getting new printings in May. There are new printings of omnibus' collecting work by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby and John Byrne, plus an omnibus dedicated to the FF's run-ins with Galactus. If the team is coming back in the coming months, it would certainly make sense to have these books on shelves to allow fans to reacquaint themselves with the team.

The fate of the four is still up in the air, but with every passing month, it does seem like the team is closer and closer to returning. Don't be surprised if there's a major announcement in the weeks ahead.


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