Fantastic Four, Punisher, Crow, more: April 12th Comic Reel Wrap


According to Superhero Hype, German actor Ralf Moeller was interviewed during the Klitschko vs. Brewster fight, and Moeller "confirmed that he's preparing for the Fantastic Four shooting. Regretfully he didn't say which role he has but judging from his Schwarzenegger physique it will be some physical role." Given the Thing's all-American origins, could we already have a look at the good Doctor?


Actress Rena Owen has posted two pictures on her website showing Edward Furlong all made up as The Crow. Her site adds, "Notice the feathers on his shirt and the wrap around his hand. The feathers are part of his costume and have to do with a Native American ceremony."


FIlmjerk has a review of the new film, saying, "Combining brutal violence, lengthy action sequences, great Floridian locales, and even some comedy, 'The Punisher' is the most unlikely success story found in the new wave of comic book adaptations."


Kryptonsite has a few new tidbits, including the network's official description of the upcoming episode "Memoria," and spoiler-ish rumors that a certain cast member will learn Clark's secret while another one will face the music.


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