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One of the greatest teams within all of the Marvel comics universe is the Fantastic Four. They’re a family of scientists and explorers that have the most elaborate plotlines that traverse space and time. Their villains are interesting with more depth and intrigue than the heroes themselves. They’ve saved the universe more times than anyone can count and have traveled to the farthest ends of the universe and deepest parts of Earth. There are some basic aspects of their characters that need to be seen on-screen to capture their essence from the source material. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

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Unfortunately, here we are in 2017 with one major bomb of a movie and a pair of films that shied away from the adventure and exploration too much for their own good. Not to mention the drastic change in one particular villain and a lack in quality for their CGI. Not only has the comic been canceled to deter Hollywood from making another movie that will inevitably fail, but the greatest family in the Marvel universe has devolved into a meme. Here we have, in no particular order, some of the funniest memes that will hopefully help us forget the movies. Meme with us until we can’t feel feelings.

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In 1994, production of a Fantastic Four movie was completed, but the film was never released. The movie was produced just like any other movie would have been. It had storyboards to frame scenes, a production team, filmed on a studio lot with some on-location sets, and even a soundtrack. So why was it never released? Because it was all done in an attempt to keep the film rights to the team.

At least that’s what Stan Lee has stated. Illegal bootleg versions of the movie have circulated and from what has been said, it is not a good movie. This meme tries to shame Trank’s 2015 reboot as an even worse movie than the one never intended to be seen by the general public.


Honestly, worse things could have happened. Getting sucked into the vast, empty, vacuum of space with limited oxygen for instance. Or no oxygen. No astronaut in real life has come back to Earth with superhuman powers. One came back slightly taller than his twin brother, but that’s not exactly something to brag about if you’re not a scientist with three PhDs in astrophysics.

It’s also not going to help you save the world. Ben Grimm might have gotten a raw deal since he was stuck as the planet’s most elaborate rock formation. The worst thing that happened on that space station was the creation of that Doctor Doom. Julian McMahon played that role as best he could with what he had. It was his origin story that was a wreck.


Marvel Entertainment has a pretty solid record with their costume designs thus far. Fox, on the other hand, need to get their act together. It’s one thing to take some creative liberties with a character and their look. It’s a whole other thing to alter an entire appearance to the point that a character unrecognizable. When cosplayers are doing a better job at costume design than professionals in the entertainment industry, you’re doing something wrong.

It probably has to do with who you’re hiring. Doctor Doom in the 2015 reboot of Fantastic Four or Fan-4-tastic, or whatever it was called was the farthest from Doctor Doom than we have seen on the big screen. At least fans could identify Apocalypse for who he was, even if he was less intimidating than his comic book counterpart.


The news of there being a sequel to Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot was eventually squashed, but the fact that the studio was even considering a sequel despite the film’s abysmal return was desperate, to say the least. They had already produced two previous Fantastic Four movies that missed the mark with fans. It’s clear as day that they see the success Marvel are having with their shared universe and want to capture a bit of that thunder.

Ask any hardcore, or even casual, fan about what Fox should do with the franchise, and you’ll hear the same thing: Give it back to Marvel. Or at least make a similar deal that Sony made. We could say Fox should think about more than their bottom line, but they clearly aren’t even thinking of that if they were considering a continuation of Trank’s movie.


It was a sad day when Kevin Feige, head of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, confirmed that there is no Fantastic Four in the MCU. Of course, he has to say that since they do not own the cinematic rights to the team. If Fox were to ever come to an agreement with Marvel it would be as easy as saying that Reed was once a lead scientist for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Before the Hyrda takeover and sequentially went over to Stark Industries, much like Maria Hill. None of the rest of the team would be too difficult to establish in the MCU. Even if they weren’t to get their own movie just yet, using Galactus and other characters from their title would show a path for the MCU beyond Avengers 4.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our next Invisible Woman! It’s a bit of a reimagining that may upset some of the purists, but in the end, everyone will be happy. Especially since you already can’t see him. Forget Jessica Alba, Kate Mara, and any other top one hundred celebrities in Hollywood that you can think of because next summer the one and only John Cena will take on the role. Okay, not really, but if there is any role that his WWE taunt has prepared him for, it’s the role of Sue Storm.

He knows how to play invisible. Again, not really. Maybe someone over at Marvel should think about throwing him into some sort of memorable role, though. His acting is not horrendous and he might even play a really good Ben Grimm post-transformation. No CGI necessary.


The Force

Has this been done yet? This needs to happen. Jokes about Hulk’s pants litter the internet because there’s never a good explanation of how they stay on his body after he hulks out. Wearing Mister Fantastic’s jumpsuit would make so much sense. Or at least have Reed make Bruce a suit. It’s not like they’re strangers and never talk to each other.

How does Reed not see Hulk needing new pants every other day as a flaw that he needs to fix? Better yet, how has Bruce not approached Reed with this idea. And The Force as a new name for the Hulk is awesome. We’re behind this change. Spider-Man and Deadpool might have a ridiculous amount of Star Wars jokes, though. They’re owned by the same company, so no worries over copyright infringement at least.


If we’re going to compare two poorly rated comic book movies, it would be Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 and Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Something that makes every comic book movie is a villain worthy enough to face-off against our protagonist. Then why would you give your primary villain so little screentime? At least in Spider-Man 3 there was a gradual build to Venom’s reveal.

Fantastic Four wasted most of its time not even focusing on Doom. He was missing for a good chunk of time while the rest of the movie focused on Reed running off, their newfound powers, Johnny working for the government, and the Negative Zo- er, Planet Zero. Spider-Man 3 failed a lot of fans, but at least it knew how to showcase its villains. Even if they were a letdown.


From the moment news began flooding out about Trank’s reboot, fans were already having doubts. Costumes and, yes, even the color of a character’s skin can all be forgiven. Fans will eventually get over it because those aren’t aspects that define a character. What does hurt a franchise is the pacing, writing, and changes to the fundamental being of a character. Not to mention the overall tone.

The Fantastic Four has always been a light-hearted, fun tale about family and exploration. We don’t want it to be dark and gritty, grounded in reality. A lot of fans wanted to see the family go off into another dimension where some crazy hijinks would ensue. We didn’t even necessarily need an origin story. Alas, the movie sits at 9% on the Tomatometer with only 18% liking it, making it Hollywood’s cautionary tale for future comic book movies.


Chris Evans started his comic book movie career with Fantastic Four where he played Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch. That’s why it was such a shock to hear he had landed the part of Captain America in the MCU. Eventually, Michael B. Jordan would go on to be cast as Johnny Storm in Josh Trank’s reboot movie.

As we have all seen by now, Michael B. Jordan will be following in Chris’s footsteps right into the Marvel Cinematic Universe where he will be playing Erik Killmonger in the new and highly anticipated Black Panther movie. Two actors moving from one comic book universe to another is hardly enough to call it a pattern, but it does have the makings of one. Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence will follow or Hugh Jackman.


These kinds of memes always brighten up the day. You’ll be scrolling through your newsfeed, kind of bored because not a whole lot is happening, then you see what looks to be a text conversation. Only this one is different because it’s between two or more fictional characters. You end up reading the conversation in their voices (if they have a cinematic counterpart) or you fill it in with Morgan Freeman’s voice. Because why not.

This particular meme is fun for everyone because it’s relatable even for the older fans that have a family of their own. Dad jokes are always lame unless you are a dad yourself, then they’re the greatest thing because they allow you to interact with your kids while being the life of the party. Everyone says they hate dad jokes, but deep down we all love them.


We give the studios a lot of heat for not making a decent Fantastic Four movie after all these years, but we often forget they have already produced one in The Incredibles. There’s also a sequel on the way by the same writer and director that sounds promising. If we can just pretend it takes place in the MCU but is also a well developed stand-alone film, we’re set.

There is a mother, father, and two kids after all. Some of the powers they wield are the same too, so it’s not too difficult. Why couldn’t Fox see the success in this animated movie and realize what Fantastic Four fans want from a Fantastic Four movie? Family issues, goofiness, exploration, some science, and all around amazing action scenes that utilize their powers appropriately.


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones -- and you better be- -- then you saw Jorah Mormont, also known as Sir Friendzone, receive the dreaded Greyscale disease. This is a disease that typically ends with the afflicted dead. The skin dries and cracks until it covers the entire body and has the appearance of reptile scales. Hence the name. By the end of season six, Jorah’s left arm was nearly completely covered. He was supposed to go off to find a cure, but as far as the audience was told, there was no cure.

Unsure of how much time was going to have passed between seasons, this meme is an accurate representation of what fans expected to see. Season seven has come and gone, so we know looking like a transformed Ben Grimm wasn’t what came to pass. There were legitimate concerns for a while, though.


What good is a meme if you can’t use it as a reaction? That’s the primary way to hold a conversation in this digital age, after all. Someone bragging about their new outfit on Facebook, better comment with a meme. Someone is trying to make a point in this long, serious discussion about the economy? Throw a meme into the mix.

In all seriousness, it’s difficult to convey sarcasm and many other emotions via text. So memes are perfect for getting your exact mood across to those you’re interacting with. This meme is malleable because it can be used for various responses. Use it if you’re excited, offended, or just want to be funny. Nothing is better than picturing Reed Richards in your face while his body is on the other side of the room.


Reed, Sue, and Ben are walking down the street, enjoying a beautiful Saturday afternoon. It’s all blue skies and birds chirping, there’s a gentle breeze overlapping the subtle heat by an unobstructed sun. Reed asks, “Where’s Johnny?” Suddenly an explosion erupts from a nearby building. Captain America leaps out, catching his shield as he lands on the street. He extends his arm to the three walking and warns them to get to safety.

As they do as he says, Cap gives a smile with a casual salute before leaping back into action. Reed, Sue, and Ben stand there bewildered by what they just saw. They know it was Captain America, but it looked a lot like Susan’s missing brother Johnny. Perhaps the excitement of the explosion and meeting Captain America for the first time is playing tricks on their mind. They shrug it off and head to the Baxter building.

Which of these memes is the funniest? Let us know in the comments section!

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