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Fantastic Four Legends Revealed!

by  in Comic News Comment
Fantastic Four Legends Revealed!

In honor of the Fantastic Four’s new movie opening this weekend in the United States, we decided to spotlight past editions of Comic Book Legends Revealed that have featured the Fantastic Four over the years!

Check them all out below!

Was the Human Torch replaced by H.E.R.B.I.E. on the Fantastic Four cartoon because the network was afraid that kids would set themselves on fire, inspired by the Torch?

Was that the same reason the Human Torch wasn’t on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends?

Did the Nixon Administration force Marvel to do a special issue of the Fantastic Four as a punishment?

Were the Fantastic Four going to wear masks originally (to the point that Jack Kirby actually drew them WITH masks in the debut of their costumes)?

What came first? The Black Panther’s introduction in the pages of Fantastic Four or the Black Panther Party?

Did Jack Kirby originally intend for Doctor Doom to only have a small scar?

Did the Human Torch perform a rap song in a Fantastic Four cartoon that was actually produced by SlimKid3, of the rap group The Pharcyde?

Did the “Trial of Reed Richards” come about due to a scene in an issue of Uncanny X-Men?

Is there a synopsis for Fantastic Four #1 that proves that Stan Lee came up with the characters in the series by himself?

Did Marvel force Herb Trimpe to draw like Rob Liefeld in Fantastic Four Unlimited?

Did Jack Kirby originally draw the Black Panther in his debut in Fantastic Four WITHOUT a mask covering his entire face?

Was the first Fantastic Four issues written and drawn by John Byrne originally intended to be a Coca-Cola giveaway?

Did Fantastic Four go without exclamation marks for a time?

Did the writer of Fantastic Four once re-write an issue after Jack Kirby sent in a cover for the book?

Did Invisible Woman nearly have her own series thirty years ago?

Did the Fantastic Four’s mailman appear in comics before the Fantastic Four themselves?

Was Chris Claremont going to have Kitty Pryde become the nanny for Franklin Richards?

Did John Byrne want to reveal that every appearance of Doctor Doom since Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original Fantastic Four run was a Doom-bot?

Did the FF spinoff Fantastic Force come about because Marvel kept dispelling rumors that the main series was going to be relaunched as Fantastic Force that they figured they might as well use the idea?

Did the X-Men once stand in for the Fantastic Four in a 1960s cartoon?

Did Jack Kirby consider the Thing’s skin to be like a dinosaur’s hide?

Was a Fantastic Four Annual re-written to make Quicksilver a hero again?

Why did Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s Fantastic Four series go back and forth from a mini-series to an ongoing run on the regular Fantastic Four title to an independent ongoing series?

Did Marvel force Jack Kirby to add figures to the cover of the first issue of Fantastic Four?

Did John Byrne base a Fantastic Four antagonist on Neal Adams?

Did Marvel change the name of the Black Panther in a Fantastic Four story to distance themselves from the Black Panther Party?

Did Walter Simonson have velociraptors with feathers in the Fantastic Four before scientists proved that they DID have feathers?

Did Jack Kirby base the Thing’s look on a monster in an issue of Strange Tales?

Did Vince Colletta once just erase Mr. Fantastic from a Jack Kirby panel he was inking rather than ink the figure?

Did Steve Englehart continue his aborted West Coast Avengers run in the pages of Fantastic Four?

Did John Byrne nearly agree to do a continuation of his Fantastic Four run for Marvel a couple of years ago?

Was Walter Simonson given permission to have Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman join the Avengers, only to have the permission pulled as soon as he actually had them join the team?

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