Fantastic Four, King Conan, Batman Begins, Sin CIty: April 26th Comic Reel Wrap


Alert reader Scott Kass wrote in to say, " A quick tip: this week's episode of 'Dinner for Five,' on IFC, features Michael Chiklis. He discusses how difficult playing Ben Grimm was. He even mentions that he initially had a hard time overcoming wearing the rubber suit. He sought out therapy early in the shoot, and was okay from there. This episode of 'Dinner for Five' premiered last Friday, and will be repeated a few times before the next episode moves into the rotation this coming Fri [sic] night." Thanks, Scott.


Director John Milius talked to G4 (the website, not the computer processor) and sadly said that the sequel is dead in the water. "Well, 'King Conan' is pretty well on hold. Warner Brothers decided they're going to do their own version of whatever they want to do with Conan. They've sort of put it in deep, deep freeze. I don't know. You'll have to talk to Warner Brothers and ask them what their wisdom is. They'll probably do an animated, kid-friendly Conan."


In a fit of business unit synergy, the Christian Bale-fueled Bat flick got the cover of Time Warner-owned Entertainment Weekly, and ICv2 has a look at it.

Meanwhile, actress Katie Holmes appeared on MTV's TRL with an exclusive trailer, which you can now see in Windows Media or Flash. She also confirmed that Grammy winners Green Day are crafting music for the soundtrack.


Without even waiting for projectors to cool down, director Robert Rodriguez has been talking to Home Media Retailing about just what you'll be able to see on the home release. "We shot the full stories of the books," Rodriguez said. "You can just watch 'The Big Fat Kill' from beginning to end - the full cut. Then switch over and watch 'The Yellow Bastard,' and that's 45 minutes. It'll have all the material back in, so it'll be like the experience of picking up the book, where you pick up one story and you read it from beginning to end. You can shuffle your own version of the movie and just watch them all separately. Mickey Rourke doesn't go visit his mom [in the theatrical film], like he did in the book, and get his gun and things like that, but we shot all that. It's all great stuff. It just wasn't necessary for the feature."


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