Fantastic Four Star Ioan Gruffudd Wants to Be An MCU Villain

Ever since Michael B. Jordan and Chris Evans joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there's been a bit of a running gag that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has given former Fantastic Four actors a second chance. Now, yet another former Fantastic Four actor is looking for redemption through the MCU -- Ioan Gruffudd.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Ioan Gruffudd, who played Reed Richards in two films alongside Chris Evans' Johnny Storm, was asked if he'd be interested in taking a stab at another Marvel role like Evans, to which he replied enthusicially. However, there was one slight catch. Rather than taking on the role of a hero again, Gruffudd has his sights set on a villainous role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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While Gruffudd was quick to note he'd "love" to take on another Marvel role, he also noted that his Fantastic Four past may hurt his chances. "I just don't know, in that universe, the Marvel world, would they let me play something else?" After all, when Evans was first announced as having signed on as Captain America, fans were initially hesitant -- although the casting clearly worked out for the best. "I'm sure for Marvel it was a tough decision to pick Chris to play that part [Captain America] because he'd already played one superhero, but what a brilliant decision it was, because he's wonderful."

Of course, Evans isn't the only Fantastic Four actor to get a second chance at a Marvel character. Michael B. Jordan, who took over the role of Johnny Storm for 2015's critically panned Fantastic Four reboot, went on to become one of the MCU's best villains with his portrayal of Killmonger in Black Panther -- an example Gruffudd uses to prove there are precedents for him to possibly tackle a villain role. "Maybe [I could play] a baddie, this time? Now that I've established myself as somebody who can do that, that would be great."

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While it remains to be seen if anything comes of the actor's hopes, Marvel Studios does have a plethora of films in varying states of development. So, there's always the chance that Marvel could come-a-calling for an upcoming project, although it remains to be seen just which villain Gruffudd could potentially play.

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