Fantastic Four, History of Violence, X-Men: July 15th Comic Reel Wrap


The spies at Ain't It Cool News hear that the role of Doctor Victor von Doom will be handled by Ray Liotta. They have some concerns, though based on "the draft I read, which has continued to be worked on, is that ... by losing the Foreign Head of State nature of Dr. Doom ... you lose a degree of majesty, the exotic feeling of the character, and the worse case scenario of a petty dictator with weapons of mass obliteration and the personal power of a God. Instead, he's been reduced to a jilted vain lover with a lot of money and a freak. Having said that ... I'm sure Liotta, if indeed he has signed as I've heard, is more than capable to raise the material above where it is now."

Meanwhile, Marvel movie mogul Avi Arad talked to Empire Online enthusiastically about the film, saying, "It's funny, high adventure ... but you are going to tear up too. It's a bittersweet comedy. Dr. Doom is going to be amazing, serious. Human, and serious. It works!"


The Hollywood Reporter says Maria Bello ("The Cooler") is in talks to star opposite Viggo Mortensen in the graphic novel adaptation.


X3Movie.net has new quotes from production designer Guy Dyas about the use of the Danger Room in the X-Men franchise. "I had just completed a very unique design for it," Dyas said, "which was going to allow Bryan to do all sorts of crazy things with the action, stunts and visual effects. A friend of mind had introduced me to Adam Kubert a few months earlier and together we storyboarded this incredible sequence. We were going to be able to watch Wolverine training in the Danger Room and it was going to blow people's minds away in X2! The set was half built and Hugh Jackman was trained and ready to go when production simply ran out of time."


There's a new featurette about the Sanaa Lathan-fueled action flick, and IFILM has posted it for your perusal. It has new scenes from the movie and with fresh interviews with the actors and crew.


According to Kryptonsite, the season premiere will take flight on September 22nd. They also have a slightly spoilerish press release about the new cast additions.


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