Fantastic Four: Franklin Richards’ Powers, Finally Explained

The Fantastic Four is Marvel’s first family. They were one of the greatest creations of Stan Lee, and have long been a staple in Marvel comics. What really made the FF stand out was their familial connection to one another. This wasn’t just another collection of superheroes, it was a family.

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In later years, after Sue Storm and Reed Richards married, that family grew a little bit larger when they had their son, Franklin. In a surprising twist, it soon turned out that Franklin Richards didn’t just have superpowers like the rest of the family, he was also one of the most powerful beings in the universe. Here are all of Franklin Richards’ powers finally explained.

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10 Franklin is a Mutant

Unlike his parents, Franklin was born with his abilities, making him a mutant. In one alternate timeline, Franklin even became a member of the mutant team of X-Men. As such, his powers are inextricably linked to his DNA. There is no changing who Franklin is.

Most mutants fall into ceratin power classifications. There are beta-level mutants, alpha, and finally the most powerful class, omega. Franklin defies any traditional classification. His powers have been described as far beyond omega-level mutants such as Apocalypse and Professor Xavier.

9 Psychic Powers

Among his versatile set of abilities are a few psychic ones. Among these abilities are telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, precognition, and astral projection.

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Many mutants would be a formidable threat if they just had one of these powers. Franklin possesses all of them, making him a deadly foe that only gets more powerful with age. That’s not even including his most powerful ability.

8 Reality Warping

Franklin’s main power is reality warping. He can reshape the very fabric of the universe, bending its nature and laws to his will. Any wish that Franklin has he can instantly manifest into beings.

In aid of his reality-warping abilities are his powers to control the molecular structure of any physical object. Essentially, he can shape the physical world however he sees fit. Over the years these incredible gifts have both proven to be insanely helpful and terrifyingly dangerous to the Fantastic Four.

7 Powers Manifested as a Toddler

Most mutants manifest their powers during puberty. Early comic book writers made this decision as a nod to the trying times adolescents have when their bodies first begin to change. Franklin’s experience growing up was much different from the typical mutant.

Since the time he was an infant, Franklin’s abilities began to appear. Given the fact that he was too young to know any better, this caused a lot of problems for the FF as they tried to manage this powerful child. Unlike most infants, the world needed to be protected from Franklin rather than vice versa.

6 Limited by his age

Stan Lee Franklin Richards

As the young superhuman child has continued to grow, it has become increasingly apparent that his powers are near limitless. There is no telling what Franklin could truly be capable of when he becomes an adult.

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The only thing holding him back is his age. Due to his inexperience and immaturity, Franklin often either loses full control over his powers or fails to use them to their full extent. There are many years left before he reaches his full potential.

5 Reed Failed to Control Franklin’s Abilities

Reed Richard (aka Mr. Fantastic) is one of the smartest scientists in the world. He has developed some of the most incredible technology the Marvel universe has ever seen. Whenever there is a scientific problem thought to be too complex to be solved, Reed Richards is there to prove the world wrong.

When it comes to his son, however, Reed has been somewhat of a failure. In order to protect his family and the world around them, Reed has tried to use several different devices to inhibit Franklin’s abilities. All of these devices have failed. One of the inhibitors appeared to work, but it was later revealed that Franklin could turn it on and off at will.

4 Defeated Powerful Enemies


Franklin Richard’s powers aren’t just theorized about. We know for a fact that he is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. One reason we know this is because Franklin has defeated some of the most powerful villains the world has ever seen.

When the Fantastic Four have their backs against the wall, time and time again Franklin has saved their asses. Enemies the adolescent has defeated include Mephisto, Onslaught, Blastaar and many, many more.

3 Created a Pocket Universe

During a battle with the villain known as Onslaught, the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men all appear to perish. In order to save his parents, Franklin creates a small pocket universe called the “Heroes Reborn” universe.

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Within this universe, all of the perished heroes are resurrected, and eventually, they make their way back into the real world. Despite its vast size and complexity, Franklin holds his new universe in the palm of his hand. It appears to be a small, blue ball.

2 Immortality

Franklin Richards alternate timeline

The young Richard’s child has talked to various alternate reality versions of himself, many of which are fully grown. On one of these occasions, Franklin is speaking to an adult version of himself that seemingly confirms his own immortality.

In a conversation with the world eater Galactus, the two powerful beings talk about the eventual end of all things. Then, it is revealed that Galactus and Franklin will be the last two beings standing at the end of time, ready to witness the rebirth of the universe.

1 Rebuilt the Multiverse

Future Foundation

After the climactic Secret Wars event in Marvel comics, the entire multiverse was destroyed, leaving only one universe left. In an attempt to fix all that had been broken, the Richards family sets out to recreate the multiverse.

In order to do this, they travel through reality and follow Franklin’s lead as he creates universe after new universe. To classify Franklin as merely a superhuman is selling him short. He is near the level of a god, creating an entire multiverse using only his imagination.

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