Fantastic Four film gets a director, finally

After months, even years, of rumors surrounding the Marvel Comics property "Fantastic Four," a director has finally been announced for the feature film version of the comic. The director of the recent cheerleader hit "Bring It On," Peyton Reed, has been announced as the man to helm this long delayed project according to Variety.

A quick look at the Internet Movie Database reveals that Reed's other work includes directing an episode of television's "Grosse Pointe" as well as episodes of "The 'Weird Al' Show" and HBO's "Mr. Show."

In 1992 director Roger Corman made a low budget version of the "Fantastic Four." While never released in theatres or on film, copies of the movie have shown up at comic conventions around the country. Upon viewing it most comic fans are generally happy it went unreleased.

The producers and Reed are seeking a new writer for the film's script. This follows scripts and involvement by Sam Hamm ("Monkeybone") and Philip Morton and story credits going to Michael France ("GoldenEye") and Chris Columbus. Raja Gosnell ("Big Momma's House"), Brian Helgeland ("Payback") and Columbus have all been rumoured to sit in the directors chair for this film at various times.

This is 20th Century Fox's second Marvel Comics based feature film, following their recent success with "X-Men." Marvel's other comic property currently shooting, "Spider-Man," is produced by Columbia Pictures.

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