Marvel's Fantastic Four Replacements Debut Against an Evil Foursome

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #4 by Dan Slott, Stefano Caselli, Nico Leon and Erick Arciniega, on sale Wednesday, Nov. 28.

Thanks to some of their close, personal friends, the Fantastic Four's reunion against the evil Griever was a success. As great as the victory is, the team still has to get back home to Earth-616. As we learned in Fantastic Four #3, Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards), Invisible Woman (Sue Storm Richards), Powerhouse (Franklin Richards) and Brainstorm (Valeria Richards) have been missing for a year, though for them it was five years thanks to time moving faster in the multiverse.

Whether it was one year or five, that's still a long time for the world and your loved ones to think you're dead. However, as fans are about to learn in Fantastic Four #4, a new team has stepped up to fill the FF's void -- the Fantastix.

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If you're asking yourself, "Who are the Fantastix?" you're not alone. These Fantastic Four replacements not only turned the Baxter Building into their home, but could almost pass for the Fantastic Four themselves. One individual with glasses can stretch himself like Mister Fantastic, a blonde woman could be a stand-in for the Invisible Woman, and a man with gray rock-like features demonstrates his Thing-level strength by lifting a boulder over his head. The fourth member of the Fantastix hasn't pulled a Human Torch by flaming on, but he does round out the mysterious team.

The Fantastix will make their Marvel debut against another foursome, the Wrecking Crew. Bulldozer, Wrecker, Thunderball and Piledriver are caught robbing a jewelry store when a civilian sends a flare into the sky, alerting the Fantastix to leap into action. We do have to wonder how this woman just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Could she have a connection to the Fantastix?

The Wrecking Crew may be treated like pushovers, but the team should provide a decent measuring stick for the Fantastix. Are they more worried about gaining fans and making sure their name is spelled correctly? Or are the Fantastix the real deal and on equal footing with the Fantastic Four? Also, how long have they been living in the Baxter Building? These are the questions readers will need answering when Fantastic Four #4 arrives on Wednesday, Nov. 28.

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