Marvel Artist Shares Fantastic Four Character Designs for Fantastix

Marvel artist Valerio Schiti has taken it upon himself to show off some character design sheets for the Fantastix, the Fantastic Four's new rival team set to make their debut in November's Fantastic Four #4.

The character sheets show off the different costume and logo designs that were considered for the Fantastix, as well as a vague look at the characters themselves. Based on these proposed designs (as well as the designs that ultimately made the final cut), it seems a lot of thought went into making sure the new team's outfits and were noticeably similar to those of the Fantastic Four, while also having their own unique flavor.

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Based on the previously-released cover of Fantastic Four #4, the Fantastix's abilities are also strikingly similar to those of Marvel's First Family. Additionally, during the Fantastic Four's years-long absence, the Fantastix have apparently commandeered their old stomping grounds of the Baxter Building.

“As we get back to things down on Earth, we introduce a new team of super heroes who are operating out of the Baxter Building who are surprised when the Fantastic Four show up on the doorstep, thinking that they still have the rent on the place,” Marvel's Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said on the This Week in Marvel podcast.

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Exactly how the first confrontation between the Fantastic Four and the Fantastix will go remains to be seen. However, these new design sheets continue to make it clear that, as far as the Fantastix are concerned, Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben have been replaced.

Fantastic Four #4 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli goes on sale November 28.

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