Fantastic Four, Elektra, Spider-Man: Comic Reel Wrap for July 13th


Fanboy Planet has the whole web abuzz with the latest casting rumor: that "24" season two veteran Sarah Wynter has been cast as Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.


UGO's Cinema Confidential visited the set of the Jennifer Garner-fueled spin off, and has a report on the stunts in the film. "They are trying to shy away from the Hong Kong action style in this [movie] and keep it more rough and rugged," said assistant stunt coordinator Marcus Young, who worked on "Daredevil" and "Matrix Reloaded." "Jennifer's great with her kicks. She looks awesome with it. We tried to tone it down actually to give it a more stealthy feel." Stunt coordinator JJ Makaro said, "There are within various fights, there are some bigger stunts that we have tried to incorporate into it. The biggest one we have is the sequence where Elektra is fighting with one of the bad guys and he throws his weapon and it breaks a tree. She dives out of the way, climbs up on top of the tree as it falls over and lands on the guy. It's a pretty complicated thing for us to do. We wanted to do it CGI but the producers and director had faith in the effects and stunt department and seeing what we could actually do. There are a few action stars that have her drive. But I'm in awe. She's the ultimate professional."


News Askew is floating a new rumor that "Buffy" vixen "Eliza Dushku, who read for the Mary Jane part in 'Spidey,' might return in the third film as The Black Cat."


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