Dan Slott Reveals a New Detail About Fantastic Four Villain 'Eradikus'


Dan Slott revealed a major detail about the mysterious new villain that the Fantastic Four will face in their new series, a villain that has come to be known as Eradikus.

As Bob Dylan sang in "Brownsville Girl:" "The only thing we knew for sure about Henry Porter/Is that his name wasn't Henry Porter." Similarly, what we now know for sure about Eradikus is that their name is not Eradikus.

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The mysterious new villain appears on the Humberto Ramos variant for Fantastic Four #1.

Slott filled us in on this surprising piece of information in an interview with CBR:

"What can you tell us about this new antagonist?

"You've seen sketches of them online with the place holder name of Eradikus. Their name is not Eradikus. [Laughs] That's all I can tell you about them. You will meet them... soon.

"This a brand new Marvel character that you've never seen before, and you will find out how they fit into Marvel cosmology."

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As Slott notes, we first saw this new villain in Sara Pichelli's design sheet for the new Fantastic Four series. Pichelli's striking design for the new villain caught the attention of many fans.

And sure enough, right next to the character is the name "Eradikus," which we now know to be a placeholder name. Slott's use of the word "their" even throws the gender of the villain into doubt.

Whatever the name of the character is, we'll find out for sure when Fantastic Four #1 comes out on Aug. 8.

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