Fantastic Four: Marvel's New Council Of Reeds' Mission, Explained

Setting The Agenda

The new Council of Reeds which Doctor Doom meets in Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1 is doing everything it can to separate itself from its previous incarnation, and has learned from the Prime Reed the importance of maintaining a strong balance between work and home and the importance of keeping their family at the heart of everything. To that end, they created a device which duplicates their consciousness and sends it to the Council chambers, allowing their physical body to continue to act in the physical world. When they’re done at the chambers, the duplicate consciousness returns to its body and merges with itself, and the physical Reed retains all the knowledge and memories from his time with the Council.

As a sidenote, being on the Council of Reeds must come with a certain level of existential terror. They know about Secret Wars and they know about how their Prime counterpart recreated the multiverse, which must have happened a year ago at most, going by Marvel’s sliding timescale. However, these Reeds are all in their thirties or forties and no doubt have memories of that entire time. What must it be like to be the smartest man in the world and know with absolute certainty, that your vibrant world filled with history, art, culture and life has only existed for less than a year? It’s enough to drive someone crazy.

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Though the Council attempts to help Victor Von Doom, when they see him kill his alternate counterpart in battle, they realize there was never saving any Doom in any world. The Prime Reed attempted to give Doom a chance by faking his death so that Victor would not pursue his lifelong vendetta, but upon learning the truth, it’s only made him madder at the very idea of a Reed Richards than ever before. It’s this that leads the Council of Reeds to make the decision that the goal of the Council of Reeds is “No More Dooms”

No More Dooms

While that sounds ominous, the intention behind it is still valid... at least for now. By saying they want “No More Dooms,” they’re not saying that they want to round up all the Dooms and lobotomized them; they’re saying they want to make sure no child grows up in an environment that leads them to becoming as broken and damaged as Victor Von Doom. It’s a noble goal in spirit, but it could lead them down some dark paths.

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Doom sees the Council of Reeds as an act of great hubris and warns them that this council will end as the last one did, and the last Council of Reeds solved their Doctor Doom problem by rounding up all the Dooms and lobotomizing them. While the Council is doing good work for now, there are as many evil Reed Richards counterparts in the multiverse as their are good ones, and it wouldn’t be hard for a cabal of evil Reeds to wrest control of the Council for their old ends. It’s happened before, and with the Fantastic Four’s return only two months away, the behind-closed-doors activities of the Council of Reeds should be watched closely.

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