Fantastic Four: Marvel's New Council Of Reeds' Mission, Explained

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1 by Chip Zdarsky, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

The Future Foundation is still missing, but we haven’t been short on Fantastic Fours over the past few months. Aside from the makeshift team featuring Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, we’ve got The Thing, Johnny Storm, Rachna Koul and Victor Von Doom travelling the multiverse in search of the missing team. Over the course of their search, they’re coming across many alternate Fantastic Fours, such as the fractured team of Marvel Two-In-One’s first arc, and the seemingly deceased Fantastic Four of the title's new annual.

However, there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes; during Victor Von Doom’s clash with his alternate evil self, he discovers that The Council of Reeds has reformed despite the interdimensional cabal's earlier failings. Though they help him learn more about his shift to the side of angels, they have an ulterior motive which could spell disaster for the former villain as Victor Von Doom’s irrational hatred of Reed Richardses may turn out to be warranted after all.

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Council Meetings

Reed Richards of Earth-616 first discovered The Council of Reeds when he built The Bridge, a multiversal viewing platform that allowed him to observe other universes filtered by specific criteria, such as “every world where Captain America won Civil War,” or “every world where Earth was conquered by Skrulls during the Secret Invasion.” Though he was asked to dismantle The Bridge by his wife, Sue Storm, he rebuilt it in secret and used it to access The Council of Reeds, a multiversal group of Mr. Fantastics who had come together to solve everything on a truly cosmic scale.

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As a member of The Council of Reeds, Mr. Fantastic did life-changing work that saved countless people in numerous universes, but his fellow Reeds expected too much of him. He was expected to give up his family in order to pursue their goals and became the first Reed to turn them down — partly due to his being the only Reed to grow up with a father as every Nathaniel Richards in the multiverse was pitted against each other in a cross-world battle royale — and when the Mad Celestials attacked the Council’s chambers, he was one of five surviving Reeds left in the multiverse and eventually the four leaders of the Council were killed as part of their plans to escape Earth-616.

The Rebirth of The Multiverse

The end of the Council of Reeds left Mr. Fantastic as one of the final two Reeds in the multiverse, along with his doppelganger from Earth-1610, The Maker. This is why during Secret Wars there aren’t any other Reed Richards counterparts in any of the realms on Battleworld, because the two remaining Reeds were in stasis in their respective escape pods and there were no more left in the multiverse.

Secret Wars ended with Molecule Man transferring the godlike power he’d granted Doctor Doom to Mr. Fantastic, who used it to not only bring back Earth-616 but set off on a quest with the Future Foundation to restore the worlds of the multiverse. Where there was nothing, there was once again infinite Earths and though all the Reeds were killed prior to Secret Wars, they lived once again in this new incarnation of the multiverse created by their Prime counterpart.

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