Fantastic Four, Constantine, Battle Angel, Batman Begins: January 11th Comic Reel Wrap


There's a fresh backage of behind-the-scenes footage up at MSN Video (MSN Video Enhanced required), showing the FF meeting the press.

Also, Superhero Hype has a new photo of a certain Latverian doctor before he gets into heavy metal.


Speaking of, there's nine new Flash-based clips from the film up at MaxMovie.


Comingsoon.net has a new interview with A-list director James Cameron, who talks about the manga adaptation. slated for a 2007 release. "A few years ago I started down this path of creating this 3D camera system and once I started working in that, I couldn't imagine myself going back and shooting with the camera that I used before. It just seemed like going back from a car to a bicycle, and I don't want to ride a bicycle again, so the question is, at what point can I use the kind of imaging that we're able to do now for a feature film? That's taken a few years to put together and the pacing item on that is digital cinema, the changeover to d-cinema, which is going to be happening throughout North America and eventually Europe and so-on, where they are literally going to replace every projector in North America in the next five or six years, however long it takes, because in order to display the stereo, the 3D, you need to have those digital projectors. I need those theaters, so I've sort of been waiting until the right moment to make a big movie and we believe that moment is now. So we're in pre-production now on a movie called 'Battle Angel,' which is based on a Japanese Manga series of graphic novels by an artist named Yukito Kishiro. It's not in the sort of top ten of graphic novels in Japan; it's a lesser known one, and we're going to make 'Battle Angel' over the next couple of years and release it in '07. By early summer of '07, we expect to have somewhere around a thousand digital 3D theaters that will be able to show an image that looks more or less like what you saw in the IMAX theater but the IMAX theater was film, and this is going to be digital projection.

"It's a bit of a mélange of the first three books, which means that it pulls forward the motorball story into the Ido, Alita, Hugo story, if you will. Live action and CG mixed, meaning we will build sets, we'll shoot with actors and we'll have CG characters. Alita will be CG; she'll be performed by an actress but what you see in the film will be CG."


It looks like the set of the Christopher Nolan-directed DC adaptation was practically wide open. There's two set reports in, one from Batman-On-FIlm, who toured the set with production designer Nathan Crowley, who said, "Tim Burton's film's such an influence I don't think you need to look at it again. I didn't look at it again at all, I didn't look at any of them. You know, I remember it vividly. I'm sure it had an impact on you lot as well. I'm quite glad I didn't look at it again because it has dated itself, it has that retro Gotham, fifties thing, which we're not trying to do."

Dark Horizons also has a set report (with spoilers), who were on set with Christian Bale and Gary Oldman as Bats tosses Jim Gordon the keys to the Batmobile.


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