Fantastic Four Comic Book Urban Legends

* John Byrne left Jack Kirby off of the 20th anniversary cover of Fantastic Four.

* Walt Simonson based the concept of the Time Variance Authority in his Fantastic Four run on the Time Lords from Doctor Who.

* The Human Torch was replaced by H.E.R.B.I.E. in the Fantastic Four cartoon because the network was afraid that kids would, inspired by the Torch, set themselves on fire.

* Steve Englehart protested an editorial decison by Marvel by using the pseudonym John Harkness.

* When Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Steve McNiven began work on their Fantastic Four run, it was intended to appear in the pages of the regular Fantastic Four

* John Byrne's first Fantastic Four work as writer/artist originally was meant for a Coca-Cola giveaway."

* Marvel had a special insert in an issue of Fantastic Four because they irked the Nixon Administration.

* Chris Claremont was going to bring Kitty Pryde into the cast of the Fantastic Four.

* Fantastic Four was snuck on to the schedule against the terms of Marvel's distribution deal.

* Jim Shooter was the moving force behind Jack Kirby being removed from the cover of Fantastic Four #236.

* False rumors about a new comic book resulted in the creation of that very comic book.

* Marvel put intentionally misleading covers on the first two issues of Fantastic Four.

* John Byrne almost followed Walt Simonson on Fantastic Four!

* Marvel Adventures: Fantastic Four #12 was an intentional knock-off of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!

* Walter Simonson compiled a list of all the appearances of Doctor Doom in comics and determined which ones were actually Doom and which ones were Doom-bots.

*The Fantastic Four were going to wear masks originally.

* Steve Englehart came up with an interesting plot to protest his exit from the Fantastic Four.

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