'Fantastic Four' Casting Call Hints at Big Changes

It's clobbering time, at least for a certain section of Fantastic Four fandom.

Acting Auditions has posted an announcement about Los Angeles auditions being held for Fox's Fantastic Four reboot, directed by Josh Trank. Along with the call comes a plot synopsis that's sure to raise a few eyebrows:

Update: Although Trank insisted the "synopsis is definitely not the synopsis or anything close to the synopsis," Fox has demanded the purported plot details be removed.

Assuming the description is accurate, the Fantastic Four reboot seems to be taking some cues from the Ultimate Fantastic Four comics, although even then, there are departures. Beyond the plot summary, the casting call suggests Chronicle star Michael B. Jordan is already locked to play Johnny Storm. Many have already expected Jordan to portray the Human Torch, but there's been no formal statement from either the actor or the studio. Our advice: Wait for an announcement from Fox before considering anything about this project "official."

The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters on June 19, 2015.

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