Fantastic Four, Blade, X-Men 3: July 8th Comic Reel Wrap


Cinescape tosses its hat in the ring about casting rumors for the Tim Story-helmed Marvel adaptation. What's their contribution, after quoting even CBR's own Rich Johnston? "According to our anonymous scooper, David Boreanaz ( ANGEL ) also met with the 'FANTASTIC FOUR' creative team. What role Boreanaz may be up for wasn't known by the scooper."


Comics Continuum caught actress Jessica Biel on Access Hollywood, where she talked about what it took to become a vampire hunter. "Two months of weightlifting and martial arts training and just keeping it up every day," Biel said. She also briefly discussed her character Abigail. "She has an interesting connection with this whole vampire world," Biel said. ""Her entire family, with the exception of the father, has been killed by the vampires."


The continuum also caught up with actor Lance Henriksen about his role in the action film. "In a sense, this is a prequel to 'Alien' and 'Aliens' and all of that," Henriksen said. "My name in the movie is Charles Bishop Weyland. This time, I'm playing a billionaire who is dying. And he decides to have one last hurrah in his life and do something that is worthwhile. So his satellite discovers a pyramid under the ice on an island, and I get this group together to check it out because I want to be remembered for something besides money. And we get there, and it's like stepping into the mouth of a crocodile without knowing it. That's where it begins, that's where it starts."


Sci Fi Wire has some spoiler-ish quotes from Jennifer Garner regarding her role in the upcoming action film. "Elektra is lethal," Garner said. "In 'Daredevil,' [she] was somebody who was on the verge of being lethal who was surprised to find herself vulnerable to someone. Once her father's killed -- and this is true in the comic books, and it is in the films as well ... there is no light for her in the world anymore."


Graphic artist Nels Israelson talked to Apple about his experience making posters for the blockbuster sequel.

Meanwhile, director Sam Raimi told the Irish Examiner that he's "flabbergasted" by the success of the new film, but that he's "too busy writing Part Three to relax and enjoy the victory. 'We were working on it at the hotel last night and this morning,' [Raimi] said. 'But I don't know what is going to happen yet.'"

Finally, if the lines are too long for you to see the Tobey Maguire-fueled film, there's a all-Lego version that could do the trick for you.


Sir Ian McKellen said in his latest ePost, "I hear positive news about the second sequel, which is likely to include Magneto. The start date, considering Bryan Singer's other commitments, couldn't be much before September 2005. There is as yet no script nor am I signed up. On the other hand Hugh Jackman had a three-movie deal and Alan Cumming is also contracted to appear once more."


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