The Fantastic Four Will Replace the Baxter Building With a New Headquarters


When the Fantastic Four make their return to the Marvel Universe this fall, the superhero family won't be returning to their familiar Baxter Building. Instead, writer Dan Slott plans to introduce a new headquarters for Marvel's First Family.

“There will be a new place where the FF will setup shop," Slott told Entertainment Weekly. "It’s something you haven’t seen before in an FF comic, but the minute you see it, it’s gonna feel the most FF-ish thing in the world.”

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One major reason for the location change has to do with Spider-Man's alter ego, Peter Parker, purchasing the Baxter Building in Amazing Spider-Man. Peter turned the Baxter Building into the main operating hub for Parker Industries, though he would be forced to dissolve the company during a battle with Otto Octavius during Secret Empire.

The closure of Parker Industries left Peter with no choice but to sell off the Baxter Building in Amazing Spider-Man #790, much to the dismay of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. We're now left to speculate on what the new headquarters for the Fantastic Four could be. Slott gives some hints in his quotes, saying it'll be the "most FF-ish thing in the world," possibly alluding to somewhere like the Negative Zone, or another cosmic destination the group has traveled to in the past.

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Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli goes on sale August 8 from Marvel Comics.

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