Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Wonder Woman, Supergirl: October 11th Comic Reel Wrap


As reported elsewhere on this website, actor Christopher Reeve died on Sunday of a heart failure at the age of 52.


The Trades talks to "Entertainment Tonight" host and reporter Maria Menounos talked about getting up close and personal with the Richards family. "I have already been to the set once. I shot my first scene last month, and I go back in December to shoot the rest. I got to hang out with the entire cast, because my first day of shooting was the very first day of shooting all together. That kind of christened the whole production. We had the cast and crew dinner the night before. We all got to have fun and got to know each other."


Actor Christian Bale spoke to Zap2It and had some somewhat comical comments about his experience working under Christopher Nolan's direction. "It's f***ing cold in Iceland. And they eat whales -- they eat anything -- puffins," the red meat-free actor said. "We were out there and [the glacier we were on] was splitting -- there were big cracks appearing down it -- and we all had to stand still and not break it," Bale said. "By the next day there was all this water again."

In other news, Superhero Hype claims to have a first look at the logo for Wayne Industries.

The team at Batman-On-Film the rumored first look at The Scarecrow that we reported on October 7th is a load of hooey. They also have some spy reports from scoopers who've seen actual footage from the film, which of course includes tons of spoilers.

Finally, there's an alleged piece of original storyboard art from the movie on eBay.


Director Marcus Nispel dropped a tidbit to Underground Online about another film he's interested in, and let slip something about the adventures of Themyscria's Finest. "The script was written by Laeta Kalogridis, who wrote Alexander, and she just finished Wonder Woman." Which means somewhere out there, a "Wonder Woman" script is in existence, and one of you can email us about it.


Cinescape has a new rumor about developments for a new movie treatment for the Girl of Steel. "Akiva Goldsman was going to write the film, after writing a favorable treatment, but has decided against it, he'll produce only. Melissa George, who was on ABC's 'ALIAS,' [Vaughn's blonde NSA-turned-traitor wife] is someone they're discussing for the lead. Whoever signs will be signing a two-picture deal. They're talking 2006, but since things are only now progressing, I suspect a little later." They couch the "news" by saying their "source also cautioned us that it's just talk at this point, and whatever happens to Singer's 'SUPERMAN' film will undoubtedly take priority first."


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