Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Superman: August 31st Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Chris Evans has been blabbing all over the place this weekend. CHUD has some quotes about his experience filming in Vancouver. "The beauty is the Fantastic Four uniform is this form fitting blue outfit," Evans said. "So they make these really cool, blue almost like wetsuits, but since we all don't have the perfect bodies for these wetsuits, they gave us muscle suits. These little suits that you put on first that have rubber muscles that are actually form fitted to our bodies. They do these body casts and then they add muscle in certain places where it's needed. So you put on this muscle suit and then you put on this blue uniform and you just walk around like you're chiseled out of stone, so it's great. I'm happy." Evans also let a tidbit slip about the look of The Thing: "[I] was talking to the director's assistant the other day. He said you look at it and it looks real. You get close, you'll be like, 'It looks like rock.' I can't wait to see it. I'm so psyched."

Evans also talked to Sci Fi Wire about his method of getting into character. He said "that he modeled his character, Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch, on one of Tom Cruise's most famous movies. 'I went to "Top Gun,"' Evans said in an interview. 'A lot of these guys are pretty cocky hotshots when they're in the cockpit doing their business, but outside of the cockpit these guys have fun, and they're crude, and they have an arrogance about them. That, I think, every single pilot in "Top Gun" embodies. I think that inspires some arrogance in these guys, but a lot of these pilots who do pilot, whether it's fighter pilots or space, are doing high-risk jobs that a very small percentage of people in this world can do, and they know it. Johnny Storm is a kind of a hotshot, a little arrogant, likes to have fun, but he's intelligent.'" Evans talked about this film being his first foray into special effects work. "They've already got me fitted with that [wire] harness, that really comfortable harness ... It hurts, man. It rips your leg hairs out. But it's all new terrain for me, this high-tech stuff, so it's fun and it's all learning experience." The flame effect is to be done through CGI, Evans said. "I don't think they're going to actually set me on fire," he said. "I think it's going to be mostly CGI. I don't think we're ever going to use any real fire; it will all be green screen, stuff that I don't know anything about."


Comics Continuum caught up to Paul Levitz at Wizard World Chicago, and caught some quotes on his opinion of the new Bat-film. Levitz said that he's "never worked with a team that loved and respected a character more" and continued, "I have never had an experience remotely like what I've seen on 'Batman Begins.' From our point of view, while Chris has certainly been kind to his openness of the process, he's certainly been the personal compass for where this is going. He has a sensibility for all aspects of it. From the first conversations where he and David (Goyer, writer) came in to start talking about the script to everything else we've seen, he's had a tremendous personal passion for getting this absolutely right in every detail. And I think from what you've seen in the trailer and what you'll see on the screen next summer, it will be testimony to that. You may or may not always agree with the conclusions the team has come to, but the amount of effort that has gone into what will fit with what has been tremendous. My absolute favorite moment of the process was during one Saturday afternoon when the phone rang, and it was Chris stuck on a word as he was playing with one of the rewrites. 'What would go with this?' And I got Denny (O'Neil) on the phone and we went back and forth. And Chris still came up with the answer."

Moreover, Warner Brothers must be pretty happy with what they've seen from Goyer -- according to Variety the writer has gotten a one-year first-look writing, producing and directing deal with the studio. Goyer is expected to develop two comicbook-related properties with DC Comics. His new deal replaces his former first-look pact, which expires this year, at New Line. Under that deal, he penned the "Blade" films and most recently wrote and directed the third pic in the series, "Blade: Trinity," for the studio. "Trinity" is in post-production for a December release.


Mark Millar, rumor monger? The comics superstar wrote on his official website a bit of casting news that's almost heavenly: "My same good buddy has informed me that, as of last Thursday night, Mister Jim Caviezel is officially the new man of steel and what a perfect choice he is. Expect an announcement shortly. Also, this 'Superman Returns' thing was just for the press release. The movie itself is called 'SUPERMAN' (Reeve's was called 'SUPERMAN THE MOVIE') and it's starting everything from scratch. Brainiac. Krypton. Robots. Alien super-cities. There's so much we can do now that they couldn't in 78. I cannot WAIT for this."

Superman-V.com notes that two of Singer's "X-Men" cohorts, Louise Mingenbach and Newton Thomas Sigel have signed on as costume designer and director of photography respectively. They'll join Lawrence Hubbs as the art director. The site also contacted the "Batman Begins" production office to clarify whether or not Tom Welling is cameoing in the new "Batman" as rumors last week suggested. A publicist for the department said: 'As far as I know he isn't." Colossus himself, Daniel Cudmore ("X2"), auditioned for the Superman role in Vancouver. His rep confirmed the test for the six foot eight inch tall buff actor. Singer and producer Gil Adler were in Sydney last week scouting locations and checking out a group of stylish buildings, that our source believes may end up being the Daily Planet and Lexcorp Tower buildings.


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