Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Spirit, Teen Titans: September 15th Comic Reel Wrap


Our good friends from north of the border at Hollywood North Report chime in with another set report with photos. The report centers on explaining the significance of one of the sets due to be blown up, a "Kirby Gas Station/Kirby Gallery set built at Pender and Richards streets in Downtown Vancouver." Sadly, the photos are all Alba-free.


According to Soundtrack.net, "Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are planning to collaborate on [the score for ]'Batman Begins.' Initially mentioned on James Newton Howard's unofficial website, the news was confirmed to us by Howard's office this morning."


Superhero Hype has an exclusive interview with CrossGen refugee and Hollywood bigwig Michael Uslan, who chats up the Will Eisner adaptation, and some other comics favorites. Uslan starts off by giving the high concept: "The Spirit is unique insofar as he is a 'real' guy in a 'real' city who is patently aware of the absurdity of his own situation -- trying to be a masked hero because he thinks this will make him more effective in his approach to fighting crime in his neighborhood and throughout the City. Instead, he finds being a masked hero gets him into predicaments with a rogues' gallery of beautiful villanesses, never knowing from encounter to encounter if he's going to wind up dead or in bed, while in the process getting the crap beat out of him on a regular basis." Uslan also talked about staying busy outside of "The Spirit" and executive producing "Batman Begins" -- "I'm thrilled with the progress we're making with 'Shazam' at New Line. And I anticipate making two important announcements regarding new feature film projects based on long-running, well-know comic book characters in November."


Comics Continuum has the scoop on an upcoming episode where Raven swoons to the attentions of a young wizard named Malchior, voiced by former suit wearing "24" bad guy Greg Ellis. The episode, "Spellbound," premieres October 9th on Cartoon Network. "You may not know this man's name or face, but he's a wonderful voiceover actor," Teen Titans voice director Andrea Romano said. "It's a very romantic episode between Raven and this character Malchior. So it's one of my favorites because it's a girly episode. I like the romantic episodes."


Nick Adams from MyMovies.net emailed the Comic Reel to alert us to two new video interviews with director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ron Perlman, both in Windows Media format.


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