Fantastic Four, Batman Begins, Blade: Trinity, Smallville: October 27 Comic Reel Wrap


More craggy goodness from our friends at Superhero Hype, with a full photo of Michael Chiklis in costume as a post-accident Ben Grimm. They also have word that filming will soon be over, with the finale shooting in the area of Burrard and Hastings from this Thursday, October 28th until November 19th. "Specifically, Fox will be filming between the hours of 6pm and 6am from Thursday, October 28 and Friday, October 29th, from Monday night November 1st thru to Friday night, November 5th, on Monday November 8th, and Wednesday to Friday, November 17-19th." They also note some possible spoilers about what will be filmed at that time.


We received an anonymous email implying that singer/actress Jessica Simpson "has latched on to IDW Publishing's 'Wynonna Earp' as a dramatic starringvehicle for herself. As far as I know, the movie isn't set up anywhere, butapparently Simpson is supposedly very enthusiastic about it." You heard it here first.


It may not be Christian Bale in the flesh, but Comics Continuum has a screen shot from the upcoming videogame showing the Bat in all his dimly-lit glory.


Actor Ryan Reynolds will make an appearance at Wizard World Texas, which starts November 5th.


Scores of new data on the hit WB series, mostly from Kryptonsite, starting off with a new gallery of promotional images. They also have a gallery of images from upcoming episode "Jinx." Finishing up the barrage of images is a gallery of screen captures from the recent "super-speed" episode "Run."

Enough foreplay -- now to the good stuff. Kryptonsite has an official network description of upcoming episode "Bound," guest starring Jane Seymour. They also have a fresh rumor about detente in in battle of the sexes. Finally, Devoted to Smallville has fresh spoilers about the upcoming episode "Unsafe."


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