Fantastic Four, A History of Violence, X-Men 3: May 19th Comic Reel Wrap


The new trailer, which you might see if you check out some tiny art film called Star something, is already online over at Yahoo! Movies. Meanwhile, there's news about the scoring sessions available over at SoundtrackNet.


The official website has been launched by New Line Cinemas, with a new clip entitled "Who's Joey" is available.


Continuing that film's dominance of the news of late, IGN FilmForce reports that "the only major parts left to cast are Angel and Colussus. Yes, that's right. 'X2's' Daniel Cudmore will not be returning and the role of the steely Russian strongman will be recast."

Marvel's Avi Arad talked to Superhero Hype and talked about Kelsey Grammer in a suit, a la Michael Chiklis as The Thing. "Of course we're building a suit and hair, you name it. Without going into detail, he's a very central character here in the movie."


Character actor Frank Gorshin, best known as The Riddler in the 1960s televised "Batman" show, died yesterday. He was 72 years old, and died of lung cancer after a long battle with smoking.


On May 19th, 1925, Malcolm Little (later known as Malcolm X and El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Had he not been assassinated on February 21st, 1965, he would have been eighty years old today. Just so he's not lost in the shuffle, since aside from George Lucas finishing things up.

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