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Fantastic Four #607

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Fantastic Four #607

Field trip! “Fantastic Four” #607 sends the Future Foundation kids to Wakanda with Reed and Sue. Reed believes he has been summoned to discuss bringing Wakanda back to economic stability following the neutralization of their cornerstone commodity. T’Challa assures Reed that he was not requested for that reason. The FF kids just really want to ride elephants.

Hickman is up to his usual masterful reinterpretations again as he recalibrates the mythos of Wakanda and the Black Panther. We have learned a great deal about the mythology of Wakanda in the past twenty years since Don McGregor and Dwayne Turner visited Wakanda for an in-depth field study in 1991. Everyone since has found new layers to add to the Panther legend, and Hickman is no exception. Realizing the recent history of the sovereign land is more frequently addressed; Hickman turns to the ancient past and offers up stories of the gods.

This type of background story could only work with Hickman in the pages of “Fantastic Four” as it blends in with the new coat of polish the writer has applied over the course of his tenure on the title. The best testimony I can offer to Hickman’s writing is the fact that although this is an issue of “Fantastic Four” and the (arguably) most popular half is not present in this book, it still feels like a big-time adventure that is destined to have significant impact on the Marvel Universe.

Giuseppe Camuncoli and Karl Kesel draw up the festivities and do a fantastic job. Camuncoli plays with the space of the page and dispenses some interesting layouts and panel borders, including a sequence with hieroglyphics instead of standard-issue comic gutters. This isn’t the flashiest book on the stands, but it is a nice solid comic with very strong visuals. Camuncoli struggles a bit with the younger members of the Future Foundation, but “Fantastic Four” #607 has more great art than mediocre art. Paul Mounts’ coloring is spot-on for what this comic should be: bold and bright, not muddled with patterns or over-played with filters or visual gimmicks. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what this creative team can do with this story once the action really gets rolling.

“Fantastic Four” #607 is more of what fans have come to expect from Hickman’s definitive run on this title. This is another paragraph in the love-letter to the imaginative corners of the Marvel Universe. Hickman just happens to be using the Fantastic Four to visit those wondrous places. In joining Hickman on that journey, we learn about the Marvel Universe, these characters and a little bit about ourselves in the course of some fun comics.