Marvel Introduces New Fantastic Four Rivals, the Fantastix

when the reunited fantastic four attempt to return to the baxter building, marvel's first family will find new tenants occupying their former home.

fantastic four #4 will reveal a new supergroup called the fantastix have moved into the baxter building, and it doesn't sound like this new foursome has plans to turn back over the building's keys to its previous owners.

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"as we get back to things down on earth, we introduce a new team of super heroes who are operating out of the baxter building who are surprised when the fantastic four show up on the doorstep, thinking that they still have the rent on the place," executive editor tom brevoort said during an appearance on the this week in marvel podcast.

taking a look at esad ribic's cover to fantastic four #4 above, the fantastix appear to have a similar look and powerset as the fantastic four. one individual with glasses can stretch himself like mister fantastic, a blonde woman could be a stand-in for the invisible woman, and a man with gray rock-like features demonstrates his thing-level strength by lifting a boulder over his head. the fourth member of the fantastix hasn't pulled a human torch by flaming on, but he does round out the mysterious team.

what is interesting about the fantastix is if they have been living in the baxter building while half of the fantastic four were believed to be dead, then how come they haven't made their presence felt in the marvel universe before now? you would think someone would have known about their existence prior to their eventual run-in with the superhero family, but that mystery will remain to be revealed.

fantastic four #4 by dan slott and sara pichelli goes on sale november 28.

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