Fantastic Four 3, Heroes, Transformers: January 25th Comic Reel Wrap


Actor Michael Chiklis has been quite chatty. In an interview with IGN, the once and future Thing talked about what we could expect for the third as-yet-unfilmed sequel after the one currently on its way to multiplexes everywhere. "There is a little bit more of [romance for Ben and Alicia], but not more then the first," Chiklis said. "There's a little bit more of the continuation of that. But in the following one, in the third one, there's really quite a substantial thing coming between them. Tim [Story] has given me some insight in the way he wants to go, and I won't tell you. I can't. Well, I really can't! I mean, I can't!"

Staying on the current film, Chiklis was also interviewed by IF Magazine, saying that this film was much less stressful than the first. "It was the difference between unhealthy and uncomfortable," Chiklis said. "Uncomfortable I can deal with. I'm not a push over, I can deal with things, but the other situation was unhealthy and I had a lot of physical problems because of it. Not the least of those problems being in my own sweat for twelve to fourteen hours a day for six months. When you put your body through that for so many months, it really makes it tough to stay with it. This time they were able to take it off of me after every take."

Finally, Variety is reporting that "CSI: Miami" actor Gonzalo Menendez has joined the cast as one of Andre Braugher's military men.


Holy spoilers -- Superhero Hype has reposted the TV Guide article that ran this week, and it tells a whole lot.

Meanwhile, here at CBR we've got photos from the February 5th episode "Distractions" and promotional photos of two new cast members.


What's that? You'd like a close up of Optimus Prime's face? Well, somehow this site called Little Dudes has nabbed one for you. Ain't that helpful?


Sci Fi Wire has an article about hearing the voice of actor Mako one final time in this, his last role.


Kryptonsite has fresh spoilers about the March episode, "Combat."


You can hear five tracks from the film's score at composer Chris Young's website.


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