Fantastic Four 2, Wanted, Smallville, Hellboy 2: October 20th Comic Reel Wrap


Goooin' to the chapel and they're goooonna get ma-a-a-rried ... there's some new photos of the big wedding at Superhero Hype, including a pimptastic tuxedoed Ben Grimm and Johnny giving away the bride.


James McAvoy talked to Empire Online about playing Wesley Gibson in the Timur Bekmambetov-helmed adaptation. "He's [Gibson] an arsehole," McAvoy said of his character. "A complete geek [at this moment the cordon rope topples over]. There you go! He does things like that! He's a complete and utter failure, but he begins a mission to avenge his father's death."


From the top of the journalistic food chain, actor Justin Hartley talked to E! Online about his role on the show. "Listen, I myself am a die-hard Clark and Lois fan," Hartley said. "Always have been. Even when it was Teri Hatcher and my man Dean Cain. I don't know Dean Cain, mind you, but I just like saying that. My man. But when Clark and Lois get together, it's sort of like 'Smallville' would be over, don't you think? So, I think they should put my face on paper money to thank me for saving 'Smallville' for another year! [Laughs.] Because without me, Clark and Lois would get together, and everyone knows that that would be the end of 'Smallville,' and then we wouldn't have 'Smallville.' It should say 'In Oliver We Trust on the coin. I mean, that's just me. That's just one man's opinion."

Meanwhile, battling websites Devoted to Smallville and Kryptonsite have the trailer for next week's episode "Reunion" (in WIndows Media format) and screen captures of the same.


Director Guillermo del Toro is quoted at Sci Fi Wire talking about how the project is progressing. It is officially a go, but we're still working on the budget to prove to the studio that we can do it for that number," del Toro said. "It's a pretty low number for the size of movie we want to do. Adjusted for inflation, it's as low a budget as the first one, but the scale of it is about twice the first one. The heart of the film is that fantasy has been grounded by reality. It's been ground to dust by reality. Hellboy is fighting for the humans, but he starts realizing that maybe not everything is right in the way that he does things. Everyone will be back -- Ron, Selma, Doug -- except for Agent Myers [Rupert Evans]."


The official movie blog has been updated with writer-director Mark Steven Johnson, producers Gary Foster and Michael De Luca and executive producer Avi Arad talk about casting Nicolas Cage as the lead in the film.


Speaking of video and horror-themed adaptations, the Ghost House website has been updated with a ninth behind-the-scenes clip talking about the first week of production.


Variety has confirmed the story we reported yesterday about actress Kristanna Loken being cast as the title character.


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