Fantastic Four 2, The Dark Knight, Hulk 2, Stardust: August 17th Comic Reel Wrap


Faithful reader Matt C. was the first to write in and point out this notice that Fox has officially confirmed the title of the Marvel-minded sequel.

While we're wandering around the Baxter Building, Marvel Animation Age has posted episode titles and log lines for the first four episodes of the animated series, headed to Cartoon Network this fall.


Contact Music has an unconfirmed rumor that actor Ryan Phillipe will play the role of District Attorney Harvey Dent in the next Christopher Nolan-helmed film (also noted at IMDB -- thanks to Scott Brown for pointing that one out).


In this audio clip, "Prison Break" star Dominic Purcell neither confirmed nor denied rumors that he's in negotiations to take on the role of Dr. Banner and his verdant alter ego. Louis Leterrier directs for a 2008 release by Universal Pictures.

Meanwhile, "X-Files" veteran David Duchovny denied rumors of his own involvement in this note at the Sun. "I donÕt know where that came from," he said.


Actor Ricky Gervais talked to Chortle about his role in the Neil Gaiman adaptation. "My scene was with Robert De Niro," Gervais said. "How could I turn that down? Just think of that, the worldÕs greatest actor -- and Robert De Niro -- in the same scene."


MTV talked to erstwhile Jedi and current airborne snake handler Samuel L. Jackson, who revealed what he'd like to do next. I see [Marvel movie producer] Avi Arad a lot, because we live in the same neighborhood," Jackson said. "I express my interest in [working with him]. I always wanted to be Iron Man, because he was always like the rich dude who created this whole thing. Nick Fury would be great. I've been reading Nick Fury since when I was a kid. I collect comics ... I'm kind of geeky." According to their report, Jackson has asked Arad for the role.


There's a new interview with Abe Sapien actor Doug Jones at Rock Bottom, where Jones said, "it's been a three year monkey on my back... (laughs) but I think David Hyde Pierce is a delightful guy, I think he's a wonderful actor with a lot of talent. I never begrudged his sound -- when I accepted the role it was under the condition that they already had planned to do a celebrity voice-over. I said that I'd rather them not do that, so my name was thrown into the pool of voices ... but I was up against David Hyde Pierce, Kevin Spacey, and Steve Buscemi ... and Doug Jones? After doing the voice on set for three months -- I didn't hear a negative thing about my voice at all, everybody loved what I did... including Guillermo del Toro. It just came down to a multi-layered decision from above, and getting a celebrity name would be good for marketing purposes... I understand, but in the end I don't think it worked like they were hoping for because David, being the gentleman that he is, stepped back from doing any press, he didn't do any interviews, he didn't show up at the premier, he did not accept his name being put in the credits even... and that was all out of respect to little old me. He's been quoted at saying that he did not want to take any spotlight from me, which I thought was more than kind. He did not need to do that. So now, when it came down to the animated one... they did offer the voice to him for Abe Sapien first, but he declined it then it was a hands down decision to get me. So I'm very tickled pink about that. And when we do 'Hellboy 2,' I will have the entire character's voice and everything. They've already confirmed that in public, so I can say that."


Kryptonsite has the spoiler-laced write up on the new season from the network, while new Jimmy Olsen actor Aaron Ashmore talked to E! Online (scroll down for the video clip) about cozying up with Chloe.


Actor Thomas Jane gave an update on the development of the blood-soaked sequel to Wizard. "The writer is halfway through a draft right now," Jane said. "We should be rolling camera with any luck by February. Jigsaw is going to be in it. We're still looking for a new director. If you know anybody, let me know."


The official movie blog has been updated with footage of director Sam Raimi and actor Thomas Haden Church debuting a new trailer for surprised fans in London and New York.


Sure, we've got "Ultimate Avengers" already and both "Iron Man" and "Dr. Strange" in the pipeline, but what other ideas didn't make the cut when the House of Ideas was negotiating their deal with Lionsgate? Check out these sketches from John Delaney to get a glimpse at what didn't get the nod to find its way into your TV screen, including early concept drawings of one that will.


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