Fantastic Four 2, Superman Returns, Sin City 2, Spawn: August 22nd Comic Reel Wrap


The New York Post (login required) is reporting that actress Jessica Alba is mulling over not returning for a sequel, instead joining Jimmy Fallon in an "I Dream of Jeannie" remake. Alba declined to comment for the story.


There's a new photo of Brandon Routh as Clark Kent over at Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, composer John Ottman talked to the Superman Homepage about how much of John Williams' original score would be used. "We tried out the Lois Lane theme (Can you read my mind), and, don't get me wrong, its a GREAT theme, but the feel of that theme over this contemporary film, it's gagging, and it's awful. It just seemed stupid. So I'm hoping that we don't have to do that. Just for the moment we're actually temping with (the score from) 'Solaris.' It works really well, and more of it's kind of modern, so the film can go with it. Its important that the film goes somewhere without trying too hard to pay homage to the past. So to answer your question, besides the fanfare, the score will be original."



Superhero Hype has a scooper report from this weekend's Maryland Horrorfind, and actor Danny Trejo confirmed he will take part in the filming of "A Dame To Kill For" in the sequel, but does not know the role yet since director Robert Rodriguez hasn't finished the script.


The cast for the new project has been announced at Spawn.com -- Keith David returning as the title character, Michael Jai White (who played Spawn in the live action feature) as one of the main villains Barabbas, Carl Weathers as police captain Edwards, "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" vet Bruce Boxleitner as Detective Ainge, "Roketeer" alum Jon Polito as Sam and the erstwhile Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill as Twitch.



Ain't It Cool News is reporting that the Doug Miers adaptation may be in trouble from Christopher Priest (not the comics writing legend, the British science fiction author). Priest's novel "The Prestige" is being adapted by screenwriter Jonathan Nolan (who penned "Memento" for Christopher Nolan to direct). Priest claimed at a convention in Glasgow that the "Batman Begins" director was slated to lens "The Prestige" in November, which would make his earlier announcement of next working on "The Exec" in question.


According to Kryptonsite, newbie Viper pilot Kat from "Battlestar Galactica," an actress named Lucianna Caro, is returning to Kansas' weirdest town (she was in the episode "Rush") in the upcoming episode "Thirst."



An "x-tra" from the mutant-themed sequel was pinned down by The XVerse, who filmed a svene in Hatley Castle. Also, XMenFilms.net has a bit about the effects and that Daniel Cudmore returning as Collossus.


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