Fantastic Four 2, Cobalt 60, Smallville, Hellboy: October 25th Comic Reel Wrap


A note in Variety says that, "Vanessa Minnillo has booked a role in 20th Century Fox's 'Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.' She'll play the love interest of Chris Evans' character, the Human Torch. [She] is an MTV VJ and 'Entertainment Tonight' correspondent."


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Universal Pictures has picked up the rights to cult comic book 'Cobalt 60,' with Zack Snyder attached to direct the adaptation. Snyder also is attached to produce with Debbie Snyder. Underground artist Vaughn Bode created 'Cobalt 60' and its characters in 1968, but after one story the characters languished in obscurity. Bode's son, Mark, picked up his father's mantle in the 1980s, reviving the trippy art style and violence. The stories, plotted by Larry Todd, were published in comics magazine Epic Illustrated. A search for a writer is under way."


On November 16th, wrestler Batista will bring his animal magnetism to the hit CW series, and Kryptonsite has an image gallery showing some of what you can expect. He's also quoted on the WWE website talking about his experience. "It was awesome. It was a great experience. It played a really, really cool character, and IÕm a really big superhero buff, so it was great being involved in anything superhero-related," Batista said.


In a collaboration with Wordballoon.com, CBR presents a podcast with creator Mike Mignola talking about numerous goings on in the BPRD.


Marvel has teamed up with Vancouver-based production company No Equal Entertainment to develop a live action television series based on the alabaster-shaded nocturnal avenger, according to a report at Superhero Hype.


Creator Frank Miller talked to MTV about how the historical epic shaped his career. "I was seven years old when I first came across the story," Miller said, "and it set the course for my entire creative life."


Comingsoon.net reports that "Sony Pictures is probably attaching another trailer with 'Ghost Rider' as well on February 16th. Oh, and also look out for new 'Spider-Man 3' posters around the release of the 21st James Bond installment."


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