Marvel Debuts Fantastic Four #1 Variant by Goon Creator Eric Powell


Though he's best known for his horror-fueled creator-owned series The Goon, writer/artist Eric Powell can illustrate classic superhero action as well as he does blood and violence. It's no surprise, then, that his variant cover for the highly anticipated Fantastic Four #1 is doused in a level of drama and action co-creator Jack Kirby would have surely approved of.

Powell's is the latest in a series of covers created by A-list artists to celebrate the return of Marvel's "First Family" to its comic book universe. Joe Quesada, Stanley "Artgerm" Lau, Scottie Young, Rob Liefeld, John Cassaday, David Marquez and more have all lent their talents to help launch Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli's upcoming series.

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Eric Powell's variant cover for Fantastic Four #1

Marvel’s First Family, who hasn’t been together since Secret Wars blew up and then rebuilt the Marvel Universe in 2016, will come together again in August. The creative team of Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli will be responsible for reuniting Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman with the Thing and Human Torch.

The new Fantastic Four won’t only focus on the original quartet, however. Valeria and Franklin will be active players in the story as well. In addition, the team will face Doctor Doom again, although Reed in particular hasn’t seen Victor since their last duel at the end of Secret Wars.

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