EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Simone Bianchi's Doctor Doom Story in Fantastic Four #1


Since the end of Secret Wars in 2015, the Marvel Universe has not only been missing the presence of the Fantastic Four, the team's primary and oldest nemesis has been one of Earth's most stalwart protectors. In the wake of his failed attempt at creating a reality in which he was essentially God, Victor Von Doom eschewed his decades-long goal of forcing his rule on, well, everyone, and the former Doctor Doom took on a new look and made it his mission to be the best hero he could be.

Though everyone -- readers and Marvel characters alike -- looked at Doom's early attempts at superheroing with suspicion, Victor has changed a lot of minds, convincing people that he is indeed operating with the most noble of intentions. However, one question has hovered over him through it all: What will happen when Reed and Sue Richards inevitably return?

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Well, that long simmering question is about to be answered. In August, Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli will launch an all-new Fantastic Four series, and as soon as the first issue hits, the question of whether Doom's future lies as a hero or villain will begin to be explored in a short story by Slott and artist Simone Bianchi.

We will see what Doom is up to post-Iron Man #600 in FF #1," Slott told CBR in a recent interview, "because Brian [Bendis] did something pretty big to Doom before he let him go, that's going to have a profound effect."

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"People heard, 'The FF are coming back, and do you want to draw this story in FF #1?' And we got our first choice each time," Slott continues, with a laugh. "It was great. So you'll see a supplemental Doctor Doom story that's beautifully drawn by Simone Bianchi. It's very much a story where Castle Doom itself almost feels like a character. So we wanted someone with that great atmosphere that Simone can bring. That story is going to be pivotal towards how we're playing Doom in this post Infamous Iron Man world."

Check out an exclusive first look at a page from Slott and Bianchi's Fantastic Four story below, and click here to read the rest of the writer's interview with CBR.

EXCLUSIVE: Art from Simone Bianchi's Doctor Doom story in Fantastic Four #1
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