Forget Reed & Sue - Fantastic Four #1 Features The Major Return Of [SPOILER]


Doom woke up on this new Earth with his face healed of its scarring and a new outlook on life, one which compelled him to atone for his misdeeds as the world’s greatest villain and set himself on a new course of attempting to be a hero. He allied himself with Tony Stark — albeit reluctantly on Tony’s behalf — and aided Iron Man cryptically in a number of adventures. However, when Tony Stark was rendered comatose following a fight with Captain Marvel at the end of Civil War II, Victor Von Doom decided he was the person to carry on Tony’s legacy and built his own suit of flying armor to carry on the mantle of Iron Man.

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Victor Von Doom’s face turn to the side of angels wasn’t welcomed by most; the heroes of the Marvel Universe didn’t trust him and neither did the villains, whom he had began rounding up starting with his former allies in The Intelligencia. The Thing was drafted by SHIELD into hunting down his longtime enemy, but a clash with Mephisto — still angry at being cheated out of the soul of Victor’s mother — somewhat convinced the authorities to give him a bit of a wide berth and see what happens. He also informally joined the Avengers at this time, striking up an unlikely friendship with Nadia Van Dyne and coming to the team’s rescue on a number of occasions.

However, there were a number of events which led to Victor’s eventual downfall. The first came while traveling the multiverse with Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm; he learned that The Council of Reeds had once again convened and discovered missing memories from the very end of his time in Battleworld. Just before he set the world right again, Reed Richards told Victor that he was going to give him a world where everyone thinks Mister Fantastic is dead, believing that Doom could finally be the man Reed believes he has the potential to be. The second event came during a clash with The Hood which saw Doom facially scarred once again, leading the villain-turned-hero to retreat to his homeland of Latveria.

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