Forget Reed & Sue - Fantastic Four #1 Features The Major Return Of [SPOILER]

The following story contains major spoilers for Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, Elisabetta D’Amico, Marte Gracia, Simone Bianchi, Marco Russo, Skottie Young, Jeremy Treece and Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Victor Von Doom has had an interesting few years, to say the least. He achieved everything he ever wanted by usurping the godlike power, only to fall from grace. Forced to start from scratch with a new outlook on life, Doom attempted to side with the heroes of the Marvel Universe and became the Infamous Iron Man, but that, too, ended in tragedy.

Now at his lowest ebb, Victor Von Doom has returned to a Latveria desperate for leadership. But it takes the conviction of one of his former subjects to convince the one-time monarch that he needs his country just as much as it needs him.

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To cut a long story short, years ago Doctor Doom discovered that the multiverse was unstable, that incursions of other Earths were happening across the globe and threatening to destroy the world. While the Illuminati were trying to halt the incursions and the Cabal was slaughtering the invading Earths, Doom took a different path and worked with the Molecule Man to find another solution to the incursion problem, only to accidentally end up being the person that caused it in the first place. This path of action eventually led Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange to come face-to-face with The Beyonders, and through means that are too complicated to get into right now, Doom killed them and stole their power.

Although, “stole” might be too harsh a word, because Doom only did what Strange could not bring himself to do and, using the power of The Beyonders, he created Battleworld. A patchwork planet made from the scavaged remains of dead worlds, Doom ruled Battleworld as its God Emperor; he took Reed Richards’ place as the patriarch of the Fantastic Four, he had an entire army of Thors as his personal police and anyone who crossed him was sent beyond The Shield into the domains of Ultrons, zombies and the Annihilation Wave. Everything was exactly as Doom wanted it, until after eight years of relative peace, two ships from the forgotten world which came before were discovered, and changed everything.

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One ship held the Cabal, led by Thanos and the other ship held the surviving heroes of the Marvel Universe, led by Mister Fantastic. While the former set about learning how to conquer this new land, the latter sought to undo everything which Doom had wrought, and get his family back by any means necessary. The dominoes established by the discovery of the two liferafts eventually toppled over, leading to a siege on Doom’s castle and a final confrontation between Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom. When the villain finally admitted his rival was the better man, Reed Richards was granted Doom’s godlike power and remade his world as the Prime Marvel Universe, before setting off with his family to re-establish the Multiverse.

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