First Fantastic Four #1 Preview Teases Reed & Sue's Big Return

Fantastic Four #1

Marvel Comics' First Family is plotting a reunion in the first look at Fantastic Four #1, by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli.

Although the two preview pages, which arrive in Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con International issue, only feature Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, they may hint at what brings the duo back together with Reed Richards and Sue Richards for the first time in nearly three years.

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The pages depict as wholesome and ordinary a scene as we can expect from The Thing and the Human Torch, with the rock-covered Ben cuddling kittens at a street fair, and Johnny posing for selfies with fans at a baseball game. But we're left to wonder who the shadowy little figure is who fires the "Fantastic Four" signal flair -- could it be Franklin or Valeria Richards? -- and why.


Fantastic Four #1

Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman were last seen at the end of Secret Wars, traveling with their two children into space to rebuild the multiverse. While Johnny and Ben stuck around, and now star in Marvel Two-in-One, many fans have longed to see the entire Fantastic Four back together again.

They'll get their wish next month with Fantastic Four #1, arriving as part of Marvel's "Fresh Start" initiative. However, they can also expect to learn more next week at Comic-Con International in San Diego, where the publisher promises more details about the relaunch.

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